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  1. I have a few Pandora's Saga 14's to sell. These are the 3390 in 1 JAMMA units that have arcade, SNES, NES, etc. $60ea pick up from Tullamarine, or pay for postage.
  2. Looking for a 68B45 IC. It's a 40 pin video microcontroller. MC68B45P Thought I'd try locally before ordering from abroad.
  3. Thanks, but would much prefer to find one locally, especially with the delay these days.
  4. Chasing a display controller board 520-5055-00 it can be from a Stern or Data East, whatever should work as they're interchangeable. UPDATE: probing pins on the video controller showed some unstable signals, so used another display board to determine the issue with my current one is the 68B45 IC. So now I'm looking for just that IC rather than a complete board.
  5. As the title says, looking for a set of Tommy wireforms.
  6. Looking for an F-14 Tomcat Playfield. I'm not needing a new one as my cab itself is pretty beat, just looking for a half decent used one. The Playfield on mine is trashed beyond repair ,so if anyone has restored a Tomcat and still has the old pf floating around then please message me. ​​​​​
  7. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-tempid":"temp_150328_1587344555543_878","title":"20200419_155304.jpg"}[/ATTACH]​​​​​​​​[ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-tempid":"temp_150327_1587344488366_851","title":"IMG_20200419_155144.jpg"}[/ATTACH]​ image widget
  8. Will upload photos soon More tubes and chassis to offload. 2x 13" cocktail tubes... Hitachi 370esb22 13" tube Aunix PEOC31083 chassis Phillips 13VATP22 13" tube TOEI CM-R14/20 chassis Both working - $140 for both Sprint 2 B&W TV Monitor... 25"? 22VATP4 B&W Tube TM -623 chassis Comes with mounting frame and transformer Working - $100 **SOLD** Mitsubishi A63JHF81X 26" Tube Nanao MS8-26 chassis Comes with mounting frame Working $250 Pick up only from Vic 3049
  9. I thought I had a lot more than this but must have moved them on.
  10. All PSU's were working when I removed them. I'll test them again before selling. ​​​​​
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