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  1. It will have spikes and a razor blades as a surround
  2. ∆∆∆∆∆∆ Working on the cabinet and have decided I don't even need a head for this one. Has come together pretty nice , its an epic angle for the glass so a 22inch monitor can seat behind the play field.
  3. Just a quick update of how things are progressing Still have to drill out inserts for the playfield - still has the original 70s yellow in atm Blacken the playfield Do the artwork & then get the thing off the rotisserie and into a Cab Install a video screen , the seven segment displays and speakers into a yet to be constructed head. Childsplay!!!
  4. *I have a question for you guys though. Should I have the pop bumpers and slingshots permanently lit or should the lights turn on when the pops and slings are hit?* 1/4 bright then full bright when activated
  5. Thankyou all for the kind words ...a bit of an update The young man this was made for is paralysed down one side ( i wont go into anymore detail ) He had never played pinball before, but within 10 games he was better at using the device than me. In 20 games he was matching scores and beating other players who were playing two handed. Who knows where this may lead for him, but the laughing and cursing as he played seemed all too familiar ;)
  6. Here is something that was made for a player who only has the use of one arm atm, fits on any machine immediately and uses the lockdown bar as it's guide.
  7. Maybe ?? but I'm probably not the one you want to tell it
  8. Newcastle Pinball Association / pinfest cab side art. You can do the art design if you want :unsure
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