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  1. It's always annoyed me that the slide plates on DE playfields are too short, and the sides of the playfield get chewed on the bracket. New Stern ones are the right length. Why weren't they always? So I chopped up the old support brackets and added in some extra length. Silky smooth playfield slide every time.
  2. Oh jeez, it works! Haha, I was very nervous about powering up. There's no way the camera does it justice. With the inserts lit up it looks like it just came out of the box. My lord, it's beautiful. Notice the silver ball target reflections. 😛 20211018_004042_1.mp4 20211017_234813_1.mp4
  3. Didn't quite get the playfield in tonight. Had to install all new flasher sockets in the backboard and get some new plastics on there. PF definitely in tomorrow.
  4. OK, totally on the home straight now.. Cabinet ready.. Playfield ready.. I think I might get the PF in the cabinet tonight! My last delivery still hasn't arrived so I couldn't fully rebuild the flippers, but I have stripped them right down and taken newish parts off my Tron for now. They feel good.
  5. Well that's fixed. Wrong position.. Correct position. Matches the other side. Hinge clearances are perfect. No more scraping. I love the old school look.
  6. Damn! 🤬 Now I know why the bottom edge of the head was chewed out. The holes for the side rail are drilled too far back and the rail is fouling the bottom edge. Never noticed it before but as soon as I sat the head in place my work gets chewed out straight away!! One side is fine..
  7. Yeah you can tumble and polish, but there's really no substitute for new posts. Delivery of sockets and posts today. Tonight will be more assembly.
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