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  1. Stunning rebuild done by me. Please see the detailed resto thread below for details. Only a few test balls put through since the build. NOS Kruzman cleared playfield. Comes with my silver ball target replacement installed. Original silver ball target is included but needs to be re-chromed. Arguably better than when new. Outer cabinet has not been touched. It is in beautiful condition with button area wear. Call it the “road worn” look. PDI glass. $12900
  2. Sold pending payment. Thanks all. Beautiful Tron Pro I bought NIB when it was the last one in the country. Goody bag still stapled in place. Extras.. Total Lightshow ramp fibre optic mod, Powder coated custom DMD apron, Arcade mod, Lit Recognizer, Real knocker, Scoop and ball drop Cliffys, PDI glass, Black metal pop caps. In the interests of full disclosure, one of the Tron target bank inserts is slightly raised, as it was when unboxed. I've never bothered to fix it. It doesn't affect play. $13000
  3. Yeah, not so bad. It was more about the hilarious timing.. right after I got the very last ramp on, haha. Whole ramp had to come out again right after it went in. Just the way it goes. I’m going to try a Stern launcher on it at some point. The OG really is not the best.
  4. You're right of course guys. Let's be grateful for the opportunity to have and do these things. FINISHED!!! Here is another bunch of pics of the finished product in some natural afternoon sunlight.
  5. Oh man, she just won’t play nice. This is the LAST ramp going in. I am done. Basically just have to put the translite in after this. and then this happens.. 😫
  6. Finally getting the closing things done. Ramp flaps. OMG may I never have to do this again. They are going to have to do. Not perfect but in the scheme of things I don't think they will let the whole project down.
  7. Parts!! Rubbers, alternate pop bodies, flipper rebuild, ramp flap steel, coil sleeves. Going back in to change all the sleeves and try out some yellow pops. Then rubbers and plastics on. Stay tuned..
  8. I have new rubbers arriving hopefully Monday so will be able to get a whole heap of plastics in place. I will also be able to put the ramps in and get a good idea of the finished product. BUT, my rivet punch and spring steel for new ramp flaps are deep in the delivery jungle, so final final result will be held up till then. Getting close though!
  9. It's always annoyed me that the slide plates on DE playfields are too short, and the sides of the playfield get chewed on the bracket. New Stern ones are the right length. Why weren't they always? So I chopped up the old support brackets and added in some extra length. Silky smooth playfield slide every time.
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