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  1. Is there a line input filter on that model? If there is, chances are that's what is shorted & not your transformer.
  2. No, the title said it was from Paul... So, Peter most likely has it. (Or stole it back, as Peter is usually robbed to pay Paul!) :p
  3. That's when you hit up hoarders like myself & other AuA'ers for replacements. :lol
  4. If you didn't require actually switching the lines, you could possibly get away with just tying the lines together with diodes. Connect the anodes to the P1 & P2 inputs, then tie the cathodes together & connect to your switch.
  5. Try PM'ing lukemorse1 on youtube. As far as I know, he has a working Carnevil board & may be able to help with chip numbers.
  6. Check the 10-opto PCB for a bad C1 capacitor (100uF 25V). It has a habit of leaking & the electrolyte eats the top +V trace, knocking out half the PCB.
  7. Yeah, I think Ango's were made in Hong Kong. ...Maybe Taiwan. - - - Updated - - - I have a cheapie $20 eraser & have had no issues with it at all. It has a CFL type ballast which IMO is better, as the Ango runs it's tube in 'cold cathode' mode. (shorter tube life) But, for the amount of time the average user would run it, probably doesn't make a lot of difference.:rolleyes
  8. Don't forget to do the ground/power mods to the solenoid driver board. ;)
  9. Sound like your degauss circuit is not working, has been defeated, or the coil has been removed entirely. The discolouration should disappear after a few power cycles. :confused: (Unless of course, it has a manual degauss & you'll have to hold it's button down for 5 seconds every 3-5mins until it restores the colour)
  10. About the only problems you'll encounter with these jukeboxes are with the laser, or the timekeeper RAM. Sometimes the tabs break off the CD trays (never seen it though) & the ULN-XXXX IC for the 'lightning-bolt' PCB can fail. Oh & the plethora of fluorescent tubes these things have. :rolleyes When replacing the tubes, always replace the associated starters (with the correct type). (these machines have a mixture of normal & series lamp circuits on them & you must use the correct starter for each circuit)
  11. flickr or smugmug? :unsure As far as I can tell, you can 'lock out' galleries with a pass code.
  12. http://www.arcadechips.com/ has the MB3731. The D42101 Line Buffer (as you quoted) is actually an uPD42101C-3 Field/Frame/Line Memory. Though they often have room to print it, NEC knock the uP prefix off their IC's. (just like a C945 transistor is actually an 2SC945) Braemac Pty Ltd are the agents for Renesas (Formerly NEC?) in Aust, otherwise check out http://www.questcomp.com If you get stuck trying to source one, a 'junked' Amiga 500 may have what you need. ;)
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