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  1. Unless someone else has a burning desire to be the organiser next year I’ll look after it .
  2. Thanks Sandy and Dave for hosting another fun Houseball. Ray supporting one of the deck poles for a good hour was a highlight for us.:p
  3. Was a fun day, Thanks Rusty for hosting and Cazz for doing a fantastic job on the catering. If theres a special place in hell reserved for people that make young kids cry, yeah ill be there...
  4. Thanks to Reen and Ray for hosting the first Houseball for 2021. A great time was had by all.
  5. all previous houseballs have been in the pinball competitions/leagues forum. i think a lot of people may be missing this as its not in the ''correct'' place
  6. What a great way to end the 2020 Houseball series. Thanks to Sarah and Trav for hosting. Dicky took home the Houseball trophy after a nailbiting playoff due to having equal points for the year with Trav. Houseball has definitely been a highlight in a year of many lowlights for a lot of people i think. Houseball will be back early in the new year so stay tuned to this space. Rusty has offered to be the organiser for next year but i will of course assist where needed.
  7. Positions are finalised and PM's have been sent out. please let me know if i missed anyone. see you all there just in case it wasnt obvious, its this saturday the 18th. i forgot to add that into the PM's :)
  8. Thanks for letting us know Nick, @SilverBalljunky moves into the list
  9. Thanks Angela and Grant for having us, was a great day with the weather being kind to us so we didnt get cooked in the shed. In a cranky moment ive decided we arent have bloody Medieval Madness as a comp machine in future Houseballs.
  10. We have reached the point where we have a reserves list. if someone pulls out we work our way down the reserves to replace them. This is also at the hosts discretion so it may be opened up to a few more people as we get closer to Xmas.
  11. We have our very own Santa impersonator and he doesnt even need a beard. Lets try to convince him at Dickys :)
  12. PM's have been sent out. Please let me know if i missed you.
  13. I know its a bit early to be posting Xmas Houseball but we figured we would give folks plenty of time to plan ahead with any other activities in their calendar. Its become a bit of a tradition to have the final Houseball for the year at Sarah and Travis' place and this year is no different. Anyone whos been to the previous years knows what a fantastic day it is. Date is December 19th. The Perpetual Houseball Trophy is still up for grabs with quite a few contenders still in the running. Who wouldn't want to go out and engrave their own name on this wonderful piece of memorabilia and hang it up at home for the year ? Comp details. 4 hours of qualifying with a 2 p.m start. Finals to be held after dinner. Please get your comp games finished ASAP so you have plenty of time to socialise afterwards. Score sheets will be on each machine with attendees names on them. Format. We are changing up the format a little in 2020 to keep it interesting. There will still be an 'A' and 'B' Division as per 2019 with equal prizes in both. You play 6 games on the nominated machines with your best 5 results going towards your final standing. The top 4 placed players will go through to the 'A' division finals . The highest 4 from the second half of the field will go into the 'B' division finals. Finals will be on 3 randomly chosen machines with the 7,5,3,1 format of awarding points. Single round and the person with the most points wins. Tiebreakers are decided by the Matchplay software with the highest seed being given the win. House rules. Please remember that Houseball is a social event, we are not playing for sheep stations. Please show the hosts and their machines the utmost respect as without them this event ceases to be a thing. Please remove all rings/bracelets when playing. You will be asked to leave if you are found abusing machines/other players. Smokers please ensure you leave no butts around the place. The host should be able to tell you where it is ok to smoke. And lastly, a bit of friendly banter is encouraged. ** Please note ** People will be asked to maintain social distancing and i will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser. If you have a small personal bottle of hand sanitiser it would be great to bring along with you on the day. ** If you have any cold/flu symptoms , please don't attend ** Food and costs. Dinner TBA but most likely pizza. $10 covers food per person. $5 to cover the hosts expenses. $5 into the prize pool. Total $20 for the event. machines for the comp TBA. please reply to secure your spot. At this stage we are looking at a 30 person cap and re-evaluate as it draws closer. we will keep a reserves list. 1. @Saber 2. @FireFly 3. @Cranky Dave 4. @namastepat 5. @Andyj965 6. @raysco 7. @KJS 8. @Silver Surfer 9. @rusty_dagger 10. @Dicky 11. @TUF-427 12. @MANTO1975 13. @Lambo ​​​​​​​14. @gapmaster ​​​​​​​15. [uSER=15276]pepperpotts[/uSER] ​​​​​​​16. @Tonjo 17. @Replay ​​​​​​​18. @zanderzone ​​​​​​​19. @Sandyzone ​​​​​​​20. @DAG ​​​​​​​21. @madal ​​​​​​​22. @Markc840 ​​​​​​​23. @SilverBalljunky 24. @roland rat ​​​​​​​25. @RaoulJuke ​​​​​​​26. @AtariTam ​​​​​​​27. Elvis 28. @dr teeth 29. @ncb74 30. @Nicolas Noben 31. Cazz ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
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