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  1. Unless someone else has a burning desire to be the organiser next year I’ll look after it .
  2. Thanks Sandy and Dave for hosting another fun Houseball. Ray supporting one of the deck poles for a good hour was a highlight for us.:p
  3. Was a fun day, Thanks Rusty for hosting and Cazz for doing a fantastic job on the catering. If theres a special place in hell reserved for people that make young kids cry, yeah ill be there...
  4. Thanks to Reen and Ray for hosting the first Houseball for 2021. A great time was had by all.
  5. all previous houseballs have been in the pinball competitions/leagues forum. i think a lot of people may be missing this as its not in the ''correct'' place
  6. What a great way to end the 2020 Houseball series. Thanks to Sarah and Trav for hosting. Dicky took home the Houseball trophy after a nailbiting playoff due to having equal points for the year with Trav. Houseball has definitely been a highlight in a year of many lowlights for a lot of people i think. Houseball will be back early in the new year so stay tuned to this space. Rusty has offered to be the organiser for next year but i will of course assist where needed.
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