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  1. Uni and work had me busy... Things picking up i think.. But had to sell my Thunderblade machine :-( Not happy.. Didn`t want to.. but got no room for it... Still got alot more arcade stuff to "reduce".... Mrv.
  2. It has now. Should recive the whole box and boards friday. Mrv.
  3. Are these ROMs using the EIAJ pin out instead of the JDEC pin out? (might have the spelling of the acros wrong). But i know there are some on Capcom and i was sure S16/18 boards. My favs are the segas though ;-) Got to get some more spare mot 6800 CPUs to work on my boards. Not sure when that will be. Don`t have time and space to setup everthing again :-(. Ah the good old days. Good luck with fixing them. Mrv.
  4. Happy birthday Dude, Hows the new place going? Mrv.
  5. OK I have found the tread. http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php?t=4710&highlight=mrvfone Yes. This was the time i was in hospital and afterwards went through a deviorce ect... It talks about a Blue Cabinet (Which was delevered by myself). As it says in the few posts. Dave never said anything about the posts by Sneek when i was dropping it off.. Never said anyone was after me on the fourm :-( But if memory is correct, Sneek payed me $10 for it. I don`t remember if i sent it.. but looks like i didn`t. Not sure how you would like me to sort this out Sneek.. But as you can see i did delever the cabinet to Dave. Not sure why i never got a PM from you around the same time about the Q-Sound board?? I was never trying to "Rip anone one off". If you don`t want to resolve this, or don`t want to allow me to resolve it and which to keep my account suspended. Well i personaly think thats sad. (But thats your choice) When you consider what i was going through at the time.. and the fact that it was only $10.. (Yes i know the princible). But i don`t think it should be held agenst someone forever. Wasn`t the fact that we ALL wanted a "fair go" fourm that this one was started in the first place?? I know Ryan, Gurana (Anthoney) and a few of the other guys could vouch for me. Mrv.
  6. Interesting... Got any links to the posts? I certinaly didn`t get any PM's about it. Can you search for just text in all posts? If some one has issues with some one why not try to reslove it?.. instead of not communcating with the person which it seams like has happned in this case... If i have done somthing wrong.. no ones perfect.. then i`ll fix it.. But i have no idea what it is.. which is the issue i have now!! I was in hospital for a few months awhile back (Which i thought everyone knew). That was the last time i was realy active.. just before i went into hospital. If somthing happned duing this time it might explane it. But i just can`t see why i never recived any PM's from anyone at all... Seams odd i seam to be the only one that doesn`t know.. Even Ryan seams to know somthing about it ;-) I actualy have done a few post over the last few months.. But i don`t think anyone noticed them. Yes i do have some gear to sell. Mrv.
  7. Well i don`t know who it was and what it was. i sold 2 cabinets a while back. 1 to daveau (i think that was his username at the time) and Gaura (Might have the spelling wrong there). Both gave me possitive feedback. I would have thought if you restrict someones account, a quick note saying why would be nice. I have been a member for quite a long time and know quite a few of the "guys" here. I`m sure a few people could vouch for me :-) So where do we go from here??? :unsure If some one has an issue with me with somthing, Just contact me and we will get it resolved. It`s just odd no one has said anything and no one can seam to give me any info :-( Mrv.
  8. Somthing is wrong with the permissions with my account. I have just joined as a diffrent user.. And the option "Place An Ad" apears in the Classifieds section. Plus a whole heap of ads and sections were i can place my ad. Can you look into this Ryan? Or some one else? Thanks, Mrv.
  9. Well maybe not a super geek anymore... No money for "faster" hardware to keep up with everything... I just thought if it`s only going to give me like a 20% boost in performance.. then it`s not realy worth it.. Probibly better spent on a faster CPU... I have not done alot of fiddling around with Vista. I hope to come to one of the Brissy meets soon (I presume they still happen??) i have heaps of arcade stuff that sadly has to go :-( Can`t afford the storage cost anymore... Mrv.
  10. Not that i know of??? Can you check the permisions on my account? I thought it might be cos i have not been on for a while. Mrv. PS Just incase i`m doing it wrong.. Were/how are you meant to add new ads? I don`t see a link in the "my ads" link to "add a new add". P.P.S Is that you Ryan? what happened to your old name? Don`t tell me you got rid of the Rexy!!!!!
  11. In light of this.. Does Vista run better with 4 GB of ram compaired to 2 GB? I have my laptop with Vista and 2 GB and wondered if it would speed things up by much if i spent around $100 for the 4 GB (2 X 2GB DIMMS). Personaly i think Vista runs slower than XP.. but the laptop came with Vista. Mrv.
  12. Hello All, I know it`s been a while since i have posted any messages or been real active on the fourms. (Life hasn`t been the same for quite a while) But it seams i don`t have access to post in the classifieds section? Have some rules changed that i have missed since i was last here? Thanks guys, Mrv.
  13. I think machined pin sockets give better contact over the long term. Thats just my experance.. Mrv.
  14. Well i would love to come. Make my return from the arcade wilderness... Do we have to regester again? Or can some one PM the address? What do we need to bring? I presume some nibbliess and drink will be fine? Or are we haveing a BBQ for lunch? Mrv.
  15. That sounds like a good idea. "Arcade Machines: Men never grow up.. There toys get more expensive" "Arcade Games: Man's escape since 1983" Hows that?
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