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    Drop a card cabinet restoration

    Thanks mate, marine grade epoxy l find best but not the easiest epoxy to work with.

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    SteelBalls 11 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Williams A-Go-Go 1966

    So it looks like a previous dodgy repair and may explain why this flipper wouldn't move.

    Taking the coil out of the holding bracket. The

    Brad 18 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Wildball VI

    Thanks Gav for being such a great host.
    As usual, walk up to machines after comp then get 10x the comp score.

    Huge thanks to Cardini

    Dedrok 24 Minutes Ago Go to last post


    A bit better. All passengers unloaded on 2-3 and was heading for fuel and the exit when the red thing landed right on top of me

    RMacauley 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Wildball VI

    Gavin, thanks for having us again, great night, beautiful machines that played clean,fast and tough in most cases. Also, thanks to Rawdon for setting

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    Manto1975 houseball 20th October 2018 Rochedale South

    As everyone has said before, great place to be, fantastic machines and a fantastic host and family as well.
    Very much appreciated, looking forward

    raysco 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Wildball VI

    Big thank you to Gavin for hosting and for everyone accommodating/minding the little man. He had a ball. And didnít make it to the servo on the way out.

    MUD 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Wildball VI

    Fun night as always. Good jawb Gav. The games were set up fast

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    skids 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Manto1975 houseball 20th October 2018 Rochedale South

    Thanks for opening your home up for us all .
    Great setting up you have , if only i could talk the wife into copying it .
    Great machines and

    vett 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Could this be the real sparky?


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    Favourite Arcade game from the early 80's 79-85 (Votes: 392)

    1. Dig Dug (Votes: 8)

    2. Galaga (Votes: 73)

    3. Galaxian (Votes: 14)

    4. Moon Patrol (Votes: 14)

    5. Bomb Jack (Votes: 12)

    6. Moon Cresta (Votes: 12)

    7. Scramble (Votes: 14)

    8. Track n Field (Votes: 7)

    9. Paper boy (Votes: 4)

    10. Frogger (Votes: 5)

    11. Dragon Buster (Votes: 1)

    12. Kung Fu Master (Votes: 7)

    13. Espial (Votes: 1)

    14. Gyruss (Votes: 33)

    15. Pooyan (Votes: 1)

    16. Ms Pacman (Votes: 4)

    17. Pac Land (Votes: 2)

    18. Crush Roller (Votes: 0)

    19. Star Wars (Votes: 5)

    20. Pacman (Votes: 10)

    21. Donkey Kong (Votes: 16)

    22. Donkey Kong Jr (Votes: 1)

    23. Space Invaders (Votes: 14)

    24. Crazy Climber (Votes: 1)

    25. Mr Do (Votes: 8)

    26. Ghosts n Goblins (Votes: 45)

    27. Marble Madness (Votes: 2)

    28. Dragon's Lair (Votes: 17)

    29. Disc's of Tron (Votes: 4)

    30. Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Votes: 3)

    31. Traverse USA (Zippy Race) (Votes: 0)

    32. Space War 4 (Spacies clone with add ons) (Votes: 0)

    33. Buck Rogers (Votes: 0)

    34. Pengo (Votes: 6)

    35. Xevious (Votes: 6)

    36. Bezerk (Votes: 4)

    37. Asteroids (Votes: 8)

    38. Hyper Olympic (Votes: 8)

    39. Lady Bug (Votes: 1)

    40. Super Pacman (Votes: 1)

    41. Juno First (Votes: 4)

    42. Nemesis (Votes: 3)

    43. Time pilot (Votes: 12)

    44. Crazy Baloon (Votes: 1)