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    by Published on 9th August 2016 06:17 AM
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    Arguably one of the best Emulator to Jamma Platforms out there now has their own section on AA.

    You can access it HERE ...
    by Published on 24th March 2012 01:04 PM
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    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 04721: [Sound] opwolf: Music and sound effects are completely messed
    up (hap)
    - 04699: [Core] cubeqst: Upgrade to chd v5 changes SHA1 (Aaron Giles)
    - 04702: [Interface] UI Menus: Bottom menu option problems (hap)
    - 04592: [Interface] GUI last menu item shows "Return to Game" instead
    of "Return to Prior Menu" (hap)
    - 04684: [Graphics] All sets in vmetal.c: graphics garbage (hap)
    - 04677: [DIP/Input] ebases: The analog controls do not work. (hap)
    - 04720: [Sound] mainevt and clones: Missing Audio (hap)
    - 04715: [DIP/Input] cavenger: Second Player Bomb (in cocktail) does
    not function (Tafoid)

    Source Changes
    Converted LR35902 cpu core to c++. [Wilbert Pol]

    Fixed swapped romsets between doncdoon and kurufev [Angelo Salese]

    SDL: support unofficial (not in the OSD class) num_processors API used
    by chdman. Allows chdman to use multiple cores/processors on
    non-Windows. [R. Belmont]

    naomi: corrected PIC number information for starseek [Guru]

    CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
    * Added some notes and done some documentation fixes.
    * Expanded and updated games table in video\cps1.c
    * Removed the notes about LW-13.10D ROM in forgottnu and RT_23.13B
    ROM in wonder3, since current dumps are confirmed as good.
    * Fixed qad labels
    by Published on 24th March 2012 01:02 PM
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    Happy 15th Anniversary! Over its 15 years of existence since MAME
    0.01 was released for MS-DOS with an initial library of 5 sets, MAME
    has grown exponentially to the point that no one thought we would be,
    boasting 18,650 different sets and operable on more OS platforms than
    thought possible. While video-based arcade games were the original
    targets for MAME, the scope of the project has grown to include
    documentation of virtually all coin-operated amusement devices
    including gambling (video/slots), coin droppers, pinball machines and
    more. Through the efforts of the literally thousands of developers,
    players and others who have provided assistance and feedback over the
    project's history, we would like to thank all of them that made this

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 04455: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in cliffhgr.c: Crash/assert and
    graphic issues (Aaron Giles)
    - 04644: [Core] Tilemap viewer always broken / displays in shades of
    Blue (Aaron Giles)
    - 04607: [Graphics] All sets in cliffhgr.c:
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