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I am selling Brand New Sealed F-Zero Players Choice NTSC-US


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  • I am selling Brand New Sealed F-Zero Players Choice NTSC-US

    A long time ago (before video game collecting was mainstream) I bought a carton of Player's Choice F-Zero's

    I have just sold one for $395 on eBay to a collector in Germany. He has offered to buy them all from me at that price plus $75 for the shipping box

    I however want to keep one for myself and shipping box so......

    Before I agree to sell him the other 4 I giving you AA'ers a chance to buy them posted for $400

    Here is a link to the completed auction

    F-Zero Players Choice NTSC-US Sealed 01.jpeg F-Zero Players Choice NTSC-US Sealed 03.jpeg
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    this is glitching out for me sorry


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      wow it worked. when I try to edit the initial post it says I can't do it because I have unsaved edit pending WTF??

      it glitched out with the photo uploading too please see the ebay link for photos


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        unless I hit the post reply button at the top it doesn't work it says "text required" even though there is text in the box. then after I reply it won't work again after hitting that button I have to go back to the forum page then open the thread the post reply will work for one message ... far out dude so much glitching!


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          SOLD! I realized I got a pretty good price and sold him 5x at $395 plus $75 for the shipping box (kept one for myself).

          I got a nice little payday considering I paid $75 for all 6 initially.

          With my winnings I can get what I always wanted ... a mint copy of Chrono Trigger


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            I'm sorry I can't edit the title to sold as mentioned previously when I try I get the glitch message of having a pending save or something


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