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Boxed White PC Engine (parts only), Tennokoe Bank 2, Super Fami/Saturn/PSone games


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  • [SOLD] - Boxed White PC Engine (parts only), Tennokoe Bank 2, Super Fami/Saturn/PSone games

    Here's the tl;dr for this set - it's a long post if you want a technical deep dive!

    Boxed white PC Engine (for parts only/repair, see details below) [SOLD]
    Console is clean but after a stack of modding it's not happy. The stereo amp, THS7374 RGB amp and region-free GameTech PCB all work and can be repurposed, but I suspect one of the ICs is dead or has some shorted pins. If you can get it up and running you're in for a win! I have more detail below for those who want a technical breakdown of what's been done.

    The box is a bit rough but about average for its age. It comes with the original paperwork, original controller and I'll throw in the after market PSU I picked up for it.

    You'll see an RGB scart cable in the picture but it's not included in the sale - have decided to hold onto it to use elsewhere. Hopefully the big red "X" will suffice


    Boxed Tennokoe Bank 2
    Boxed but no manual (if there was one originally included?). Similar to the console the box is a little rough, but it works well. I threw some batteries in the unit (AAs IIRC), transferred some save data back and forth from one of my Bank cards and no issues with the data being retained. Haven't tried saving directly into it from a game, but I imagine it should work.

    PSone, Saturn and Super Famicom games
    Nothing terribly interesting - did a big buy a while back and have ended up with some duplicate titles.

    Super Famicom titles are Kirby Bowl, Super Gussun Oyoyo, Donkey Kong Country 2; on the PSone is Cardcaptor Sakura 1 and on the Saturn we have Neon Genesis Evangelion. All are Japanese so make sure your consoles are happy to work with them.

    I'm after $80 for everything, not interested in splitting this up. Happy to post.

    - - - Now, for those who want a technical rundown of the PC Engine, here are my notes - - -

    This PC Engine drove me a bit mad and while there's more I could do to get it back up an running I'm a bit burned out on it and want it out of the house.

    In terms of the mods, the stereo amp's based off Moebius Strip's mini amp and worked a treat - audio levels were as clear and loud on the PCE compared to my Duo-R that I generally use for PCE gaming. I sourced the components and it's using original, high quality components (IC's original, caps and resistors are Vishay/Nichicon/Panasonic/TDK, etc). It's a discreet IC based amp and draws +5v and GND from the analogue power supply rather than the digital one. All cabling's pulled off the rear connector to keep the runs short and runs to the AV out connector.

    The RGB amp's based on one that Old Skool Game Consoles used to do. It's not as good as others out there (some of the SMD work was a little sloppy if we're being honest so I did some touch up soldering to it), but it's based on the THS7374 RGB amp design and did a good job in practice. The RGB pinout matches the Tim Worthington's RGB pinout which I think is the same as the Framemeister's output, so cables from either of those match the pinout on this one. The old RF unit has been removed. This one's also powered off the analogue circuit and not the digital circuit. All conductor cabling is German OFC with silicone sheathing. Unsure how it compares to other stuff out there but it worked well in my RGB amp I've installed in my 1chip SNES.

    The region mod is GameTech's super clean mini PCB. I tried an Obey v3 at first and had issues getting it to install cleanly and the flexible PCB drove me mad, then went for this one. Dead easy installation, I should have jumped for this in the first place. The region switch fits where the old channel switch went - I've epoxied a little riser so the switch can be glued in so it lines up perfectly with the slot in the console's case. The images below show it in it's ideal location but it's currently dangling and not glued down.

    I also did the usual jailbar fix.

    The initial issue I had after doing the above was noise in the RGB output and some digital artefacting. I put down the former to RGB cabling (tossed the Old Skool RGB SCART cable [which had NO shielding] then sprung for the one from Retro Access) and thought the latter might be resulting from some dry solder joins. I reflowed the ICs which took a few goes before it was nice and clean on the PCB and tested again - better, but not as good as my Duo-R. I wasn't as gentle as I should have been during the reflow as well (probably too late at night when I did it) and recall having to recheck a few times to make sure everything was clean.

    So I decided to go the whole hog and recapped the whole thing. I used Panasonic FM-series caps for the most part and high-end Nichicon caps on the 1uF lines.

    At this point I was ready to give it another test and noticed the ribbon cable between the card reader and the main PCB seemed a bit wonky - tested with the multimeter and the existing cable had become frayed. So I then desoldered both cables from the main PCB and card connector (84 pins in total using a proper desoldering station) and replaced with fresh 28AWG ribbon cables. This wasn't a fun experience and I'm in no rush to repeat it!

    With everything said and done, when I power up I'm getting nothing now. From what I can see the ribbon cable's working as it seems to be completing its boot check (i.e. boots with the white screen), then goes black once it starts to execute the game's code, and the nothing - no audio, no video. My worry is that some bits of solder during all the desoldering activities might have slipped under an IC and have bridging something, or perhaps something else in the mix is busted. Scoping the address lines or desoldering the ICs and checking would be my first step, but I don't have a scope and I'm over this sucker so hopefully someone else will have some luck.

    Or they can grab the parts from the build, enjoy the box/paperwork/controller/etc, and everyone will be happy.

    With war and peace over, here's some images of the guts I took during my modding activities for reference:

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    Bump - price dropped to $80, first post updated to reflect the change.
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      hey mate, sending you a PM


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        bump, not sure if youve seen my message?


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          Sorry mate, haven't been on AA for a bit, replied to your PM.

          I've also reworded the title to emphasise this one's a repair job owing to the issues I've explained in detail in the first post.
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            Hey mate, now I've been away for a week lol... Replied in PM, tally me up and I'll transfer. Might get you to post tomorrow if possible!


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              Haha, no worries - have replied to your PM!
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                ... and sold!
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