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PCB - SF, Shinobi and more


Everything Arcade. Post here if you want open discussion on your item(s).

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  • [SOLD] - PCB - SF, Shinobi and more

    G’day Guys.

    I want to get rid of some boards I never use. Prefer them to go to someone who will play them, all sold untested.

    ***9/6 all sold***

    1. CPS-1 Boards
    SF2 WW sold pending
    SF2 CE sold pending
    Final Fight sold pending

    Will include kick harness if found, but consider no kick harness.

    $100 each pp

    2. CPS-2 Boards
    SF Zero sold pending I CANNOT FIND THIS SORRY
    SF Zero 2 sold pending
    SF Zero 3 sold pending
    X-Men vs SF sold pending

    I cannot recall which ones were de-sucided. I think zero 2 and X-Men vs SF have been, but can’t confirm.

    $100 each pp

    3. System 16-B sold pending
    shinobi - complete

    golden axe - doesn’t display one rgb colour. attempted chip/removal repair around rgb output region. Not my finest work. Was still working though.

    leftovers - altered beast and another b-board. This wasn’t working. It did work but I think I had to use one of the other a-boards.

    i would prefer to sell system 16b all in one for $200. But will consider separate split as above.

    4. Robocop
    $50pp sold pending

    5. Hyper Olympics
    $50pp sold pending

    6. Tekken 2
    $50pp sold pending

    7. Tiger Heli bootleg
    $50pp sold pending

    8. 1943 Bootleg
    $50pp sold pending

    9. Tiger Road
    $50pp sold pending

    10. Dolphin Blue - listed on fleabay for $420
    so $350 here seems about right. sold pending

    Post or pickup (Taringa) or drop off Brisbane.

    Any questions please ask.
    Last edited by hvc01; 9 June 2021, 07:11 PM.

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    PM sent.


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      hey mate PM'd regarding the sega system 16 goodies


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          hvc01 I'll take that WW please mate
          Last edited by dedmunds; 7 June 2021, 09:22 AM.


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            Sure the 16b stuff is gone but would like to take a place in the line.


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              Ha. Everything looks like everything is spoken for. I have sent PMs. The only game left is tiger heli - one of my favourite games. Fate loves irony!


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                Updated with pictures for the people purchasing


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                  All sold now


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