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Moon Cresta and Galaxian tabletop


Everything Arcade. Post here if you want open discussion on your item(s).

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  • (For Sale) - Moon Cresta and Galaxian tabletop

    Hello folks, hope you're all keeping well.

    After a long period of storage, it's come time to sell my father's tabletop. It's got Moon Cresta and Galaxian installed. The machine has been in our family for forty years and more, I'm guessing; my parents used to lease them out to milk bars. Since 1988, it's been sitting in my parent's garage.

    Sale price: honestly, I don't know. My dad is LONG retired now, and with a mother who has vascular dementia, they could use the cash. I don't want to part with it for less than five hundred dollars on their behalf. If you're over that, happy to talk. Let's say "expression of interest".

    There's a couple of caveats:

    I cannot open it. The key has long been misplaced. I reckon it's a pretty simple job to open it, but I haven't tried (in other words, the catch is pretty loose).

    It's not powering up. I haven't tried for ten plus years, but the last time it was tried it didn't start. I can't claim to be the world's best electronics technician, so I'm going to let sleeping dogs lie and leave the new owner to give it a shot.
    It is suffering from some wear and tear. For example, there's some rust spots and the plastic covering of the metal struts is peeling. All of this is caused by time, except for one of the buttons. I believe it's marginally melted at the top (2nd player side, red button). That'll be my brother screwing around as as kids with a soldering iron.

    ​​​​​​I believe there's loose change inside. If you gain access after sale, there's a caveat that you return a single 20c piece. It's likely to be one from playing it as a kid, so it'd be nice to have one. Happy to pay you for postage.

    That's about it. I'm a first time poster, so if you have any questions, go right ahead. The table is located in Canberra, though I *can* drop off in Sydney for a reasonable price - basically fuel money and a little bit on top for hassle.

    That's it. Feel free to message or email me at If you make an offer and there's a higher counter offer, I'll let you know.

    Final thoughts - I'm sad to get rid of it, but the family could use the money. Cheers.

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    Pictures would be good


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      Sold a working one for $450 a couple of years ago.


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        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 7 photos.


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          Apologies! Uploaded but forgot to save the post. Photos now added.


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            Thanks for the comments, folks. Unit sold today for $870. Appreciate all the feedback and private messages.


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