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Greetings from Geelong, Victoria!

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  • Greetings from Geelong, Victoria!

    Hi all,

    Long story short, I love the classic punch 'em up arcade games (Street fighter etc...not to be typical ).

    I've never had space for an arcade machine due to living in small apartments since forever, however I've recently purchased my first home, and this bad boy has a WHOPPER sized man cave out the back.

    Which brings me here ! After doing some research (albeit very little) I came across the arcade 1UP machines, and thought you beauty - that'll suit the man cave perfectly ! nothing too hard to work out just plug and play some street fighter.

    But then I did more research.....*sigh*....and came across the Pandora's box consoles....and then more research and found that pre made cabinets for the pandora's box can be purchased, decals etc.....and then.... I pulled my hair out.

    Here's the truth....I'm no good at DIY, and there's so many different routes one can take to look at acquiring an arcade machine, cabinet etc. I am, if anybody can guide a confused 30 year old who wants to relive childhood dreams some advice, guidance, or a point in the right direction... I would absolutely appreciate it !

    FYI - I'm kind of thinking, maybe a pandoras box? Mould/set it to the wall in the mancave with some bits and bobs, and set a TV in and ide the cables behind the Ply wood walls?

    I DONT KNOW haaaalp !

    thanks all xo

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    Welcome to AA


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      Welcome to AA.

      Your both lucky and unlucky.

      Lucky that you live in Victoria where cabinet's seem to come up for sale fairly regularly. (Although when you want one it seems like ages)
      Unlucky that you live in Victoria

      There is one more option that you haven't mentioned and that's getting a working cabinet or semi-working cabinet from a fellow AA'er .
      If you spend some time looking around here and posting you will soon have access to the for sale section and go from there.
      When looking around you will see plenty of discussion on pre made cabinet's from various sellers (Pro's and Con's) as well as info about multi boards and their pro's and con's as well.
      If your patient and look around I would almost certainly guarantee within 6 mths you will have something and already be looking for more


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