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  • I have way more time on my hands than the average peeps, so have watched heaps of stuff on Netflix. List of things worth checking out:

    - Altered Carbon. Season 1 decentish, season 2 heaps better and worth wading through s1 to get to.
    - Stranger Things. S1-2 good, s3 a bit crap but has some good bits.
    - Ozark. Pretty good if ya like intense action/drama
    - Castlevania. Awesome anime. S2-3 even better than s1.
    - Bojack Horseman. Adult animated series. Pretty funny and weird, but also insightful and can make ya feel things ya don't expect from a cartoon about a horse.
    - Archer. Not an exclusive, but worth checking out.
    - Peep show. Weird pommy show, cult classic. My missus loves it, I'm a pretty big fan too. Funny and different. Oh actually, they just lost it to Amazon.
    - Travellers. Decent action/sci-fi to burn through but not an essential.
    - Lucifer. Very funny, literally the devil with a 'devil may care' attitude going around LA helping solve crimes. Also, goes to a shrink like Tony Soprano but it's funny.
    - Trailer Park Boys. Documentary(mockumentary??) style show about some dudes getting up to shenanigans in a trailer park in Canada. Cult status. Awesome show.
    - Orange is the New Black. Not really my cup of tea but my missus loved it. Was sort of interested for first few seasons, worth checking out as it's a well made, written, acted, etc.
    - Brooklyn 99. Not an exclusive, but funny af. Well made, acted, etc. Great show.
    - Mad Men. Not an exclusive. Great show though.
    - Dirk Gently's Detective thingy. Just started the other day. Just clicked near the end of the first ep. Pretty good so far (half way through s1).
    - GLOW. Obvs made for female audiences, but a well written and acted show. Tells a pretty good story.
    - The Dectectorists. One of those BBC series with only 6 eps per season. Slow paced but funny and just kind of nice. Hard to describe, worth a crack though.
    - Master of None. Well made and written show. Really hooked me in for the first season or so, then got over it. Extremely high quality show though and worth checking out.
    - Happy. Funny, violent and weird. Great show. Bonus, my missus loves it too.
    - Big Mouth. Funny af animated series. Does smut but big themes also.
    - Comedy specials. Dave Chapelle - some of his recent ones are pure gold, others are OK. Bill Burr - recent special is awesome. A lot of the specials are shovelware though, have seen more unfunny than funny ones.
    - 'F is For Family'. Animated show by and starring Bill Burr. Funny af take on working class family life 70s USA.

    That's all I got, for now lol. There is a heap of poo on Netflix, so hopefully this hould help you steer clear for a while.


    • Dont f++k with cats was f++n amazing
      The Pact was decent too


      • Altered Carbon dude!!!!

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        • Originally posted by Jed View Post
          Mote in God's eye was a standout for me too.... Larry Niven is one of my alltime faves Ringworld was a big highlight for me.
          One of my favourite authors to. Also love his collaborations with Jerry Pournville.


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          • Just finished Altered Carbon last night and It didn't disappoint. Hopefully we get a 3rd season.


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