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    Picked up this '07 Schecter a couple of months ago, really liking it.


    Also have a 70s Jap Takamine acoustic, Lawsuit era Jap Les Paul (possible Ibanez? - Needs a decent overhaul) and a Korean Fender acoustic which is taking a beating from the kids.
    [MENTION=12215]dpm[/MENTION] your guitars look awesome


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      Originally posted by dee2eR View Post
      [MENTION=12215]dpm[/MENTION] your guitars look awesome


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        any one else? some nice guitars so far


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          This is my least favourite one, but I'm currently gigging with it every weekend as the others are in need of repair. [emoji13]

          Stingray 5 HH.


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            This is my Black Orville by Gibson LP custom(1990) Gold top is my mates Gibson left handed(2011).
            Hard to which one plays better as I can't play left handed... Nice guitars the Orvilles & a lot cheaper than their Gibson counterparts.


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              One of my recent guitars. I thought I was done and sold a Fender about a year back now I'm one up. This Greco came with a JB and a 59 so it's great for high gain playing. Z


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                What year is the Greco? Reissue JMP on top?


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                  The Greco has no serial but it has the open O so I believe it's a Mint Series which makes it 1981 -1987. The JMP is original. Only one amp is mine though- they were some of this week's repairs and I thought it would make a good photo. Z

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                    Here are my guitars that i have left after having sold off others to fund pin purchases etc.

                    My "bitsa" Fender Telecaster, neck from one guitar, body from another etc, Kinman vintage pickups.
                    "85 Jap Stratocaster (best sounding guitar of the lot believe it or not!!) Solid brass bridge/saddles, Locking tuners, Kinman and Seymour Duncan pickups.

                    "92 black Mexican Strat, and my home made Strat copy i built about 30 years ago
                    Kinman and Seymour Duncan pickups, locking tuners on both guitars.

                    My green 40th Anniversary Strat and my chrome blue 2004 Strat.. Same pickup combination and tuners as the other strats


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                      I bought this thing for $50,
                      The Missus wanted a guitar so I found this one that was pulled apart sitting in a shed.
                      a case of some Drop kick not knowing how to play a guitar, so the guitar went into the shed and got rusty.
                      Then one day they decided to pull it apart to clean it up and didnt know how to put it back together.
                      For some reason the person throught it was a good idea to tighten the truss rod and Put a 5mm arch in the neck.
                      At about the 7th fret the strings would not only hit the fret they were stuck on it.
                      How they didnt strip the thread on the retainer I have no idea. lol




                      so we restored the old Ibanez and ended up with a nice guitar for her, Its regular old Ibanez so its nothing special, but Is a nice guitar over all and plays well
                      the Body was covered in scratches, The body was given a big machine buff to remove those scratches and it came up like new. everything on this guitar got over hauled, some wiring issues with the PUPs and Pots and selector switch needed fixing, we we did that also
                      the frets were dried out really bad they needed attention, restained the dry faded frets and then finished them with some Lemon oil



                      Went to the music shop to replace missing hardware, Its My missus guitar so she got the choice todo what ever so she picked some blingy bits and pieces, lol
                      She opted for the Gold and chrome Floyd string locks, chrome tone and volume knobs, and a fender tele selector switch, It already had the chrome Floyd Rose Trem, so this combo looked pretty good IMO,
                      It came up really good, Loosened the truss rod, fixed the neck arch and got the action down nice and low.
                      She did most of the work, I just guided her through the setup parts, Now she would be able to strip down a guitar fully and rebuild it and set it up.
                      this Guitar now plays better than it would have out of the factory


                      Now im Not a guitar Whore,lol Im A one guitar type of person, But i Am considering buying Charvel Jackson model 6 Or a Jackson Soloist, I have a softspot for Jackson guitars always wanted one as a teen, so i might break my one guitar rule lol,
                      I love 1980's guitars, 80's Guitars shred like nothing else.
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                        Alas, no pics.

                        My working guitar is an '86 10-string Takamine acoustic-electric. I've never been in to guitar and rig specs the way most guys are.

                        The specs of this guitar started when I bought her, on what would have been my Mum's next birthday. It was also the same day that my Niece was born.

                        She copped substantial structural damage due to one of my sisters conniption fits', and even worse damage later when the Mother of my Children dummy spat her down a flight of stairs.

                        I dropped her one day when showing off, and fucked her sound hole real bad on another day when I ignorantly fiddled with her truss rod.

                        Enter Fess from The Radiators who fixed her up a charm.

                        Now her frets are worn to buggery, and I use electrical tape on the first three frets to help cut her sting from my ears.

                        Her name is Jade, and our relationship is so strong that we look and behave like each other.

                        You need only see G to see a picture of Jade.

                        I also have a 90's Rickenbacker 360ish, and an '86 Japanese Tele, neither of which I've played this century. My Rickenbacker is jealous of Jade, and resents being neglected.

                        The above three are factory made left handers.

                        I'm a sucker for op shops, so I also have ten or so right handed classicals, acoustics, and electrics.

                        The only one I play is a Johnson Strat copy, unplugged, and with five strings (no high E). I naturally play a lot of funk rhythms, and this guitar helps me get closer to the pocket of fast tempo stabbing upstrokes than what I could playing a custom left hander.



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                          Too keep the thread going, What guitar Pedals do you guys use?
                          My pedal train is pretty simple.
                          Boss Digital delay DD-7, Boss Metal Core ML-2, and my favorite pedal the Boss Metal Zone MT-2

                          I have two distortions typically one for the more refined sound of the metal Zone because it has EQ settings on it, and is very versatile and i use that in front of the Delay, the Metal core is for that spastic Distortion, it is not very versatile but when needing very heavy distortion this pedal gets used.

                          the boss delay DD7 has reverse delay which i use allot. The sort of Music I Play Is progressive rock metal which is probably evident by my pedal line up and the fact Im running EMG pickups
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                            I just have 1 foot pedal... A Korg Pitchblack PB01 Chromatic Pedal Guitar / Bass Floor Tuner. The only 'effect' it does is mute

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                              4 of my 5 basses.

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                                Originally posted by Blktgr74 View Post

                                4 of my 5 basses.

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                                I dig the Dano - kinda looks Dali inspired. Z

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