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New Motley Crue Video.

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  • New Motley Crue Video.

    Just a heads up for all those that love the Crue. They released a movie / doco about a month ago called "The Dirt"

    Typical Crue with naked women within the first 3 minutes of the movie so be warned if you are one that needs "warning signals"

    The sound track for the movie is also out there featuring 18 of there best songs in mp3.

    Bitlord supplied it all to me but I'm sure it will be in heaps of locations on the net.

    I saw Motley Crue the last time they would ever tour in Sydney and thought that was it but no, this just popped up.

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    Yeah was a great movie. I met tommy Lee back stage when they toured with Kiss and the drummer from the movie didnsuch a good job showing Tommy’s energy

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      Awesome movie and love the Crue��


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        Glad to hear you liked the movie, the reviews were bad (not that I put much stead in reviews).

        The book it is based on got me back into reading. Fantastic read.


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          Awesome movie. Better than Bohemian Rhapsody.


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            Dr Feelgood Tour @ Rod Laver is still one of my all time fave gigs. They knew how to put a show on.


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