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NBN, are you happy? I need help!

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  • Originally posted by Autosteve View Post
    The original quoted cost of the whole Australian rollout given by one side of government that come up with the NBN idea was 6 billion dollars. So far it is over 60 billion dollars and that is with half the country using satellite dishes or jumping onto the Foxtell network.
    That was for a different system. You can't hold one party to a cost blowout when the other party changed what was being implemented and that is what caused the blowout.

    The Libs promise as I remember it and convinced voters to vote them in because most voters had no idea about the bits in brackets, just the headings:

    Faster internet (you won't get faster speeds, it will be faster to be enabled in some locations).
    Cheaper internet (but only in the short term, long term will be more expensive and it won't be cheaper for the customer)


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