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  • The Best Page in the Universe

    Not much happening of late so i thought that i would share this gem with the ppl here.

    been a favorite of mine for some years, my fav's have to be the crappy children's artwork sections.

    Check it out.

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    dear god. i have been reading every written article on this site, and i can't stop laughing. where do you find this stuff?


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      Lol yeah i've been looking at that site for a few years now. Although i can't agree with most of the stuff he says, it's still good to see someone that is so opinionated rather then neutral. Don't have a favourite article, there all hilariously funny
      You must be a parking ticket cause you got Fine written all over you! Giggidy giggidy giggidy!


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        Here's another favorite


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          Maddox is a champion. The critics be damned: satire is the highest form of wit, and this guy takes the cake.

          Best of all was the MAM ("Mothers Against Maddox") group who tried to get his page banned. Maddox saw that their page was hosted on free-hosting space, and was constantly running out of bandwidth, so he hosted a mirror on his own site. Now that's damned funny!
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