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Your pick on a BBQ!!!

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  • Your pick on a BBQ!!!

    Hi Guys,

    We had a Weber Q Family for a year and found it very overpriced for no reason whatsoever. So now that we have moved and have no natural gas outside I found it to be a good enough reason to move it on and try get a 4 or 6 burners BBQ.

    Just like to hear what you guys are using, recommendations, pros/cons, etc.

    I’d also like to stick to no more than $1000!


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    I'm no help to you I like the Webber q. Had the 6 burner gizmo's but found them hard to use especially in areas of higher winds. The flames go everywhere except upwards. The Q doesn't suffer from this for me


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      Nothing from Bunning's, They start to rust after the first cook !!!


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        I've always wanted the old Footy Club BBQ. A big cast hotplate with the fat channel at the front that runs into any can you have free. Easy to clean and easy to dispose of the fat can. Only issue is that whilst they are super BBQ's that can't do the roasting etc that a lidded BBQ can


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          I had a fair few spits and bbq's at my last house and still have 3 here in the shed. The only time i use a gas grill BBQ is if i'm cooking a big breakfast for a crowd. The rest of the time it's my charcoal Weber or my offset stick burner. Occasionally my cold smoker but it's electric.

          Charcoal is my favourite by a long way.
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            Thanks for the feedback guys.

            think I will end up going a little over budget and get this one. Went to Barbeques Galore this morning and this seems like a good choice for us.



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              I like the Weber Q aswell
              uses heaps less gas than the old 6 burner I had and never drips fat on the ground. Very easy to clean too


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                Same, Weber Q - we love U


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                  I love you too <3

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                Weber Q for me. The Weber 3 and 4 burner normal bbqs are also good but super pricey. The even heat all over makes them a winner for me.


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