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Aussie Arcade Trading Rules.

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  • Aussie Arcade Trading Rules.

    For Sale Rules and Guidelines

    *IMPORTANT* Please be aware that Aussie Arcade has restrictions in place for the Trading section. You must be a member for 6 months and have 50 posts before being able to view and post the Trading Section and 500 posts and 1 year membership to become a Veteran user(Extra Benefits). The other option is to donate to AA to gain instant access to buy and sell. Information on upgrading your account and the benefits can be found HERE
    The rest of the site is fully accessible.
    This site also has Private Message restrictions in place for new user. Users are required to be a member for 7 days before being able to access the PM system. Any user found spamming to reach their minimum post requirements will be banned.

    For those members that wish to donate to the forum there is an option to buy an upgraded account that has additional benefits including waiving of the above restrictions (See here for details)

    Rule #1
    If you have anything for sale you now must put a price for the item(s) you are selling and in the following format for example $3.5k or $3500 etc etc

    We have decided to do this for a few reasons...
    1. It will probably give you more actual interest in your items if you are a seller.
    2. It will provide potential buyers with confidence, knowing that the price is not going to magically change on them.

    If you are unsure of your items value then you are welcome to request a price check in the PRICE CHECK FORUM to allow other members to have some input. Otherwise, there's always e-bay.
    Please be aware the 30/30 rule applies to price checking. please don't use price checking to circumvent the selling rules.

    If you want people to make you an offer, then you must post your sale price with O.N.O (or nearest offer, or similar wording). O.N.O means that you will consider offers below the sale price, but anyone offering the posted sale price will buy the item immediately. It does not mean that you can "auction" the item off to the highest bidder. This will give buyers confidence in knowing that there offers will not be manipulated behind the scenes.


    Rule #2
    If you are new to the forums then you must provide some sort of selling reference that is verifiable, i.e. an ebay username etc. Pictures, although not necessary do go a long way to establishing sale validity.

    Keep in mind though that AussieArcade doesn't verify the validity of new sellers so it is up to the buyer to do the ground work on whether a seller is reputible or not.

    Rule #3
    Feedback is an important part of establishing trust of both sellers and buyers. If you have a positive or negative transaction then please leave feedback. If you have had a negative deal, then please try and resolve the issue through pm or pager before leaving feedback.

    Rule #4
    DON'T LINK TO EBAY IN THE FOR SALE SECTION OF THIS FORUM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This section is only for trading within the forum. If you wish to show people you E-bay auction then do so in the E-bay section.

    Rule #5
    Please state the location of the items being sold, if not already mentioned in your profile.

    Rule #6
    Dumping on the sellers price, derogatory comments and such will not be tolerated and will be moderated without consultation
    The 'dibs' rule does not apply - the seller is free to chose who they sell to based on familiarity, ease of transactions, location etc
    Sellers on AA will often sell for much less than they can realise elsewhere. Sometimes such a low priced item may only be offered for sale to a regular contributor to the forum.

    Rule #7
    If your item is sold or no longer available, please update your listings.

    Please keep in mind that these rules are generally not negotiable. Seller's not following these rules are cautioned. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in having your post removed.

    If you have any questions or problems with the rules, then please discuss them with us.
    For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
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