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    Originally posted by Arcade King
    Just a quick update.

    I was trying to upload a new avatar and was wonder why it kept getting resized. in a nutshell I had the avatar and profile pic sizes mixed up(wondered why everybodies avatars were so small ). you can now upload and use avartars as big as 130x150


    Which is another reason the auto-merge double post feature should be turned back on. The number of posts per page is getting smaller and smaller because of all those bloddy avatars!
    Bite my shiny metal ass!


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      meh I disagree on the page sizes getting smaller. Default avatar is 80x80 so its not a huge increase.
      Ryan wanted the auto merge double post thing removed so you'll have to talk to him.

      I should also add the amount of posts per page is 10 by default.
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        OK then the threads are getting longer then! Whatever
        Bite my shiny metal ass!


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          Just to let people know some people currently cant access the page. Seems to only effect some people including myself. Only way I am able to post this is using the server manager IP. Hopefully it will sorts itself out soon.



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            I couldnt access the site all day yesterday... All good now tho
            BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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              Problem has been resolved. Was a name server problem.


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                New plugins on the forum.


                [AJAX] vB Pager 3.0.1

                Hack Version: 3.0.1
                vB-version: 3.5.x
                Developer: WwW.UAEWEB.CoM
                Install-difficulty: Few minutes!

                vB Pager is a text-based instant messaging system over your community between members. Users can exchange short & quick messages amongst each other. Unlike the regular private messaging system, the paged user is guaranteed to read your message & reply to it (if you choose this option) instantly & easily.

                * Features:
                o Uses AJAX Technology to Send pager messages / Get pager messages / Add & Remove a member to buddy list / Add & Remove a member from Ignore list. (No Refresh Required)
                * Main Features:
                o vB Pager Buddy List ‘pop-up’ window is used to keep track of the friends you wish to interact with. By going to your "vB Pager Buddies", you'll be able to see which of your friends are currently online and offline, and be able to send them a pager message. Adding people to your buddy list also allow you to send pager messages to multiple forum members at the same time. You may add any member of the forums to your buddy list by clicking the icon next to their names in the vB Pager Online Members Page or Clicking the Manage Buddies Link to add/remove members into your list.
                o vB Pager Ignore List ‘pop-up’ window lists are used for those people who's messages you wish not recieve from.
                o Received Pager Messages are Draggable Inline Popups.
                o Sending a message opens up a small window where you can type in message to be sent.
                o Optional Anonymity: you can choose to hide your username when paging another user on the forum, & define which Usergroup can utilize this option.
                o The window comes in with a built-in character counter to enable the user to keep track of the characters typed.
                o Logs of all incoming and outgoing pager messages ‘Inbox/Sent Items’ member has, can be viewed and deleted.
                o Download Stored Messages as XML, CSV, TXT.
                o Members can turn the vB Pager Off anytime they wish not to receive pager messages, and they can select the option to receive pager messages from those who are in their Pager Buddy List only.
                In posts you can click on to send pager message or go through member list and click on profile. you can manage your pager messages in the top right under Private messages.


                This hack is very much in BETA format. I coded this entire script in 3 days. I'm running it now at my webpage: with well over 200,000 registered members. So I should be able to find bugs rather quickly.

                But if you happen to find some, feel free to post here and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

                I hope I didnt step on any toes by releasing this as I've heard that uShop was being redone by some users as well, but I couldnt wait any longer for these features for my website.

                Here's a rough list of the Features:

                eBux Settings:
                1) Global on/off eBux Setting.
                2) Decimal Places for the number of significant decimals to show for points.
                3) Points Per Registerring goes to the new registered user.
                4) Points Per Referral goes to the referral of the new registered user.
                5) Points Per Thread View Multiplier goes to the thread creator
                6) Points Per Thread Creation Multiplier goes to the thread creator.
                7) Points Per Reply Creation Multiplier goes to the reply creator.
                Points Per Good Reputation goes to the user being reputed.
                9) Points Per Bad Reputation goes to the user being reputed.
                10) Table Name for where points are located. (Default: TABLE_PREFIX . 'user')
                11) Field Name for where points are located. (Default: ebux)
                12) Bank Interest Percent increase bank by this percent every interval.
                13) Bank Interest Interval increases bank every x seconds.

                eBux Forums Settings:
                1) Points Per Thread View goes to the thread creator when someone views their thread.
                2) Points Per Thread goes to the thread creator upon making a new thread.
                3) Poitns Per Reply goes to the reply creator upon making a new reply.

                eStore Settings:
                1) Global on/off eStore Setting.
                2) Decimal Places for the number of significant decimals to show for costs/taxes.
                3) eStore Option Refill rate in seconds.
                4) Federal tax percentage for an overall tax to calculate on all purchases.
                NOTE: Later on the taxed value will go into a Federal Bank for loans and stuff.
                5) Bank Log History always On/Off.
                6) Donate Log History always On/Off.
                7) Admin Donate Log History always On/Off.

                eStore Options:
                1) Bank
                2) Donate
                3) Admin Donate
                4) Change Username
                5) Bold Username
                6) Bold User Title
                7) Italic Username
                Italic User Title
                9) Underline Username
                10) Underline User Title
                11) Colored Username
                12) Colored User Title
                13) Glow Username
                14) Change User Title
                15) Change Other's User Title
                NOTE: MORE store options will come over the next week or so.


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                  Sounds interesting
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                  The Pinny Parlour Welcomes you to Aussie Arcade.


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                    forgot to add that there is a Thief option that I requested that was added but I had to disable due to a bug.
                    The Glow Username in the store only will show up in Internet Explorer and not in firefox, this is not a bug in the shop hack, firefox just doesnt support it.

                    I've given everybody 100 points to get you started


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                      Ok new version released here update log.

                      v1.0.4 Update:
                      1) eStore Setting: Thief Failures Go To Theftee. With this feature if the Thief option fails, the person doing the stealing loses the points to the person they are stealing from.
                      2) Thief Option can not attempt to steal more points than the user trying to steal has.
                      3) Fixed a problem that some users were having with the Points field displaying blank numbers in the postbits. (Thanks to Dark s.s. Trunk)
                      4) Added template edit below to 'MEMBERINFO' to show the points / donate link in user profiles.
                      5) eStore Option: Thief Immunity to be immune to thieves. Default is set to expire in 7 days.
                      6) eStore Option: Change Other's User Title Immunity to be immune to users changing your User Title. Default is set to expire in 7 days.
                      7) When purchasing an eStore item, if it expires, it tells you how many days it will expire in.
                      8) Thief reports proper error if the user you are stealing from doesn't have enough points.
                      9) Added View Richest Members to the estore_main template. (Could take a while to view if you have a larger forum.)
                      10) eStore Setting: Thief Always Fails On Staff. Enable this setting to make it so thief always fails on usergroups 5, 6 and 7.
                      11) eStore Setting: Glow Strength Intensity. Change this number to change the Glow Filter Strength to be a larger or lesser Username Glow intensity.

                      I have also enabled the AJAX feature on the Pager so new messages with come up without refreshing the page.

                      As Ian Also pointed out you can access Pager option with Quick Links at the top.
                      Make sure you allow popups from this site in your browser.
                      Last edited by Arcade King; 4th February 2006, 11:37 AM.


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                        More games added to the arcade.

                        Barb Jump
                        Bloody Pingu
                        Monkey Lander

                        You can access the Arcade at the top of the page.


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                          Just upgraded the pager

                          Just a small update it has a feature that will delete messages that have been read after 1 hour.... pretty damn good.

                          Recap on the pager.

                          Pager is a instant messenger for the forum in real time. If somebody pages you a window will pop up in which you can reply to.... neat aye.


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                            Yep pager sounds pretty cool, i must try it out


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                              Yep it is a very cool feature!


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                                WOWWWZEEERRRS! Im very Proud!

                                What a top effort! Not sure I have seen this many before.

                                Total members that have visited the forum today: 62
                                adn0r, Arcade King, asalza, atari2600chick, Austral Amusement Co, Berty, bretty, buzzbox, CampKrusty, catty, CreepingDeath, Dan, dave, davefjedi, Diz, DJS, elvis, feeras, garuda, gottman, hamish_nz, Howie, humpalot, Jackpot, jeff, Jomac, judgeboz,, Luke27, MadMikeAU, MameDownUnder, markc, Mickey Juice, microwrx, mooncresta, pescefritte, RetroBorg, RetroGame, revolt, Ric, rottenpig, Roxbury, sairuk, Savage, Sez, Shock_And_Awe, sneek, spotlanx, staceyamusements, Steven, Stevo, terrahwk, terry007, The Pinny Parlour, thesmit, TSC, Virgil Tracy, waylander, woka, Wotto, wrx2hot4u, XiTaU

                                Holly Smackin Toledo! Thats pretty DARN good for an arcade website.

                                The forum averages at around 13 posts per thread, we average around the 10. Please bare in mind they have 9264 users where we have 192 in total. Not Bad if I do say so my self!


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