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Linking Videos on AA


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    Linking Videos on AA

    Thanks to [MENTION=15686]bigredbird[/MENTION] we've tracked down the cause of a long term issue of Youtube some videos not showing up on IOS devices.
    This is due to the automatic parser mod installed which allowed you to just post a youtube link. This mod puts [url] tags around the link instead of [video].
    I've now disabled the plugin so you must use the "Insert Video" icon in your editor to post a video from here on out. This is how the new forum software works also so we may as well all get used to it (including me).

    If you see a broken video in one of your old posts thtas now a link simply edit it and change the [url] BBcode to [video] at either end of youtube link, the right hand side is supposed to have a [/ video] backslash.

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    Originally posted by Arcade King View Post
    the right hand side is supposed to have a [/ video] backslash.

    But no space, so [/VIDEO]
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      Lol i had to put the space there because it thought my text was a video link. [emoji28]


        I've always used the "Insert Video" link so never realised there was a problem. Nice work [MENTION=15686]bigredbird[/MENTION]
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          I posted a vid the old way last night, pasted the url directly into the post

          Took me no time flat to edit and insert video this arvo

          Cant see it being an issue
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