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Cursed's Games Room Meet - November 2019

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  • Guys again another top night. Iíve been coming for a few years now and each night just gets better. Itís a really great thing how you open your place up for an awesome night of fun.

    It is always great to see a few new or old faces and the chat is always great.

    Thanks Guys.


    • [MENTION=9311]Cursed[/MENTION] think you included one photo by mistake ... as it doesnít have Moyra in it [emoji12]

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      • Not sure why tapatalk is doubling some photos....

        And lastly some of Moyras favorite photos.

        If anyone has some pinball photos that would be great!


        • Dave! WTF?
          The universe is made up of protons, electrons, neutrons and morons.


          • Originally posted by ItsUrFeminitzNYImNietYoma View Post
            Dave! WTF?
            Haha, I believe the words "Dave, open your eyes" were said.

            Dave has a tendency to close his eyes gets late in the night.


            • hey mate thanks for a great night.. sweet lineup too


              • Thanks for having us around.... hmm not sure about some of those pics... Had a ball on DI and didnt mind a bit of Tron either.. Now onto Hashmans xmas party where I have declared I will be drinking


                • I miss all you guys
                  But I'll be back


                  • Thanks a lot [MENTION=9311]Cursed[/MENTION] and [MENTION=20995]Queen Of Shots[/MENTION] for hosting another amazing meet. Thanks also to Helen and [MENTION=11809]AxedBandit[/MENTION] kindly drove me in so could have a few social drinks.

                    Spent most of the night catching up with the gang so not a lot of pinball played, as always Michael your games looked and played real nice.

                    As Brett mentioned watching [MENTION=4248]Prince[/MENTION] doing soccer headers with the VR headset on the virtual pin was definitely a highlight. I hope someone has footage of it You played like a pro Stephen!

                    Great to also see the Haggis guys and Celts Pinball again [MENTION=21580]Haggis Pinball[/MENTION] [MENTION=22241]Briedis[/MENTION] and The Pinball Party Bus for one last time. Super fun night. Top job guys!


                    • Didn't anyone take pixs of the machines? And someone take that iPhone off Moyra..
                      Gemini2544's 4th Pinball meet Saturday 21/03/2020


                      • What a grouse night. Shame I canít remember most of it again :/

                        Thanks heaps Mike and Moyra.

                        Let it be known Mike also has a hard time eating sausage rolls at 4am!


                        • thanks guys had a great night , thanks [MENTION=10692]ztdgz[/MENTION] for the car pool, highlight of the night [MENTION=8457]Jesder[/MENTION] joining the shots club.. LOL see you all at the next one!


                          • What a night! 12 hours of awesome fun and awesome people.

                            I really would like to thank everyone that made the effort to come to the meet, it is the people that make them as much fun as they are and it was great to catch up with you all.

                            I would like to thank the [MENTION=21580]Haggis Pinball[/MENTION] guys for coming out and bringing Celts, it really helped in keeping people in different places on the night and there were always people playing it.

                            I would also like to thank [MENTION=14607]ItsUrFeminitzNYImNietYoma[/MENTION] for bringing his awesome VR pinball setup, and for making the extra trip home for the power cable. Really appreciate it mate.

                            Also [MENTION=21394]PinballBus Mick[/MENTION] and Dion with the party bus, Is always a great attraction and sadly we will no longer get to have it at our meet. All the best going forward with it mate.

                            To everyone that brought something with them be it soft drink, snacks, pinballs, alcohol, desserts or anything else. We really appreciated it.

                            Also want to give the long distance award to [MENTION=9967]RMacauley[/MENTION], really appreciate you making the effort mate and it was great to catch up. I hope the trip was worth it and hope to see you at the next one.

                            To all the shot clubbers, I am pretty sure you all had fun!

                            My machines seemed to hold up well again which I am happy about, and boy was Xenon a hit on the night! Ooh, Ahhh!

                            [MENTION=8144]RGR[/MENTION] is banned from my future meets for beating my GC on my beloved Dialed In!

                            From both [MENTION=20995]Queen Of Shots[/MENTION] and I,


                            • Had an absolute ball. Thanks again for hosting this. Love those well-cared for machines. And great to see Celts in action - apologies for all the questions Mr Haggis. Really interesting to hear about the trials and tribulations of getting that machine up and running.


                              • Originally posted by Gemini2544 View Post
                                Didn't anyone take pixs of the machines? And someone take that iPhone off Moyra..
                                This was a no pix event as many of us attending feature on crime stoppers lol
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