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KIWI PINCADE (PART 13) New Zealand 5TH-8TH MARCH 2020

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  • KIWI PINCADE (PART 13) New Zealand 5TH-8TH MARCH 2020

    Hi everyone

    We will be holding Pincade for the 13th year in a row! I have been fielding a few enquiries so even though it's eight months away, some people have to plan ahead.
    Consider this a place holder. More details to come later.

    It will start in Wellington 1pm Thursday 5th March 2020 and I hope to have two new venues there. While the Moon Bar has been great, Simon has a few ideas which he'll chip in closer to the time.

    In Auckland, we'll freshen up the venues. We'll still have a day of comps at Pukekohe but we'll encourage others to host.

    Comments or suggestions from past attendees always welcome.

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      Count me in Yee.
      The Barn - 2020 - 7th and 8th of August
      SHPC - 2020 - Pukekohe


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        Count the taxi in!!!!
        Lodging with work tomorrow

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          Unfortunately for the first time in 11 years I will have to take a rain check for 1 year in regards to NZ Pincade whilst Danielle and I focus on our June 2020 Wedding.

          Have fun but we will be back for Pincade 2021 if that happens


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            As has been the case for the last few years I'm a tentative yes subject to work and finances (mostly work). Might be Auckland only this time as well.


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              Hopefully this time I will get back there. Maybe even via Christchurch.

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                I should be there. Wouldn't want to miss all the fun!


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                  Iíll be in again with my other half this time

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                  Wanted -

                  Williams Blackout Pinball, Moon Patrol Bootleg board and Gottlieb Mad Planets Arcade board set


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                    The entire staff from the Railways team will be there

                    We are planning to have all team members from Railways including sales, design, research, customer relations, engineering, freight, future development and warehousing all there to enjoy this great event. I hope there is room for all of us. Thinking we should get a large order of team T-shirts.
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                      [MENTION=52]WOKA[/MENTION] bring on the 6am airport tappies?

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                        There's been a few aspects of Pincade that have popped out and noticed by me. As we've set the date and time, we committed to that but there are still some organizational things that we can still massage so that more people can enjoy themselves.

                        During Auckland's hosting last year, we had as big a crowd as we have had in the past but at the same Auckland hosts were the same from the previous year's, it felt a bit stale. My hands were a bit tied as there's only so many Auckland venues capable of hosting 60 to 95 people at one time. Hosts have to be willing too. There's no way that I would pressure people to host if they don't want to.

                        With that in mind, it looks like we have three different venues in Wellington. It's not set in concrete but it's looking good. The Moon Bar and Steve's place have been great but we're trying to freshen the venues up a bit. People who have attended Wellington in the past will probably have three new venues, it's like a breath of fresh air. Simon will chime in when somethings are more definite.

                        In Auckland, we have a new barcade at 'Save Ferris' which will probably use as a venue. I'm also looking at twisting the arms of a couple in Remuera who haven't hosted in few years to host again but nothing definite about that. It has been suggested that we move the main Pukekohe competition day to Saturday so that people can relax on Sunday as quite a few people take the comp seriously (no problem). However that's not possible if we have very late finishes on the Friday night. That comp kicked off late due to late arrivals due to Jetstar. That's happened 2 out of the last 3 years so next year I'm going to recommend Air NZ. You can still fly Jetstar if you want.
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                          I’ve never caught a Jetstar flight that didn’t run at least an hour late, especially international. Its why I avoid them as a carrier at all costs. You get what you pay for unfortunately, the $30 saving is never worth it (to me at least).
                          The Barn - 2020 - 7th and 8th of August
                          SHPC - 2020 - Pukekohe


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                            On a sidenote to Air NZ. We've just last week come back from the Cook islands. We did Air NZ to Auckland, Air NZ to Raro, Rarotongan airways to Aitutaki and back to Raro.


                            We shouted ourselves to Air NZ premium economy coming back direct from Raro to Sydney. Talk about the lap of luxury - never done premium before but WOW, it was almost as good as the holiday. Nice job Air NZ and it ran on time.


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                              Yea baby! Going to try and get an increased USA presence as well!


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