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Gum's Pinball Meet VIC Eastern Suburbs 29th June 2019

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    Originally posted by toads View Post
    Originally posted by Cursed View Post
    Ahahahahahaha!!!!! Gold!
    Hei... ahh phuket!
    The universe is made up of protons, electrons, neutrons and morons.


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      Originally posted by pinball god View Post
      Paul I'm out again. This time I've got the medical problem.. Sorry mate. Hope next time. Looks like I'll be out for hashman's meet as well
      That's no good mate, hope you get better soon. I shall have a drink in your Honour !


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        Thanks guys for the kind thoughts but this is gums thread so won't hijack it. All should be good in time


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          Originally posted by pinball god View Post
          Paul I'm out again. This time I've got the medical problem.. Sorry mate. Hope next time. Looks like I'll be out for hashman's meet as well
          Hi Rob hope all is well thanks for letting me know see you at one of the next meets

          Originally posted by hotty View Post
          Hi Paul I won't be attending either, but thanks just the same, you know we come as a package.
          No worries Phil looks like no musketeers this time round


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            Thank you so much again Paul & Cathy, for opening up your amazing collection.

            We had a wonderful time catching up with the usual pinheadz


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              Yep, Big Thanks to Paul and Cathy for putting on this meet. Great Night and Great Collection of Pins....My only gripe is you don't have any pub paraphernalia on the walls yet


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                Thank you Paul & Cathy for your hospitality. You have a fantastic collection of pins and it was a privilege to be able to play them [emoji4]


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                  Paul & Cathy - Kosta and I would like to join the others in thanking you as well for your hospitality and letting us play your amazing collection. We had a wonderful time, great food and always fun catching up with the AA crowd

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                    Yep, agree with all comments and a huge thank you to Paul & Cathy for allowing myself and the rest of the gang to enjoy such a top collection. Some pics from the night......


                    Some of my favourite pins:

                    3 of best.jpgMM.jpg

                    This BR machine was absolutely mint. It was great to see it for a second time.


                    The real surprises for me that I really enjoyed playing were Baywatch and The Flinstones! Loved them.

                    The snags were very tasty too!


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                      Thanks Paul & Cathy. Jodi and I had a great time - even though we had to leave so damn early - next time I will make sure I don't double book!


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                        Fab [MENTION=14607]ItsUrFeminitzNYImNietYoma[/MENTION] - you'll be pleased to know that you didn't miss out on my choc salted caramel slice. I made a lemon curd slice, not as good but it was still nice. If you had of attended and stayed all night, I reckon there was a good chance of seeing a few lemon slices reappear from the guts of [MENTION=4423]newy16216[/MENTION]! He was blind when I left.


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                          Thanks Paul and Kathy for a wonderful night again . Had a ball but whose responsible for my hangover ?


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                            Thanking you Paul and Cathy, for having me over.
                            Loved your massive collection and those sausages…they were yummy!

                            My Top 3 pinnies, that kept me coming back for more were:
                            1 - Scarred Stiff - such a great game to have in one’s collection. Got to start the Stiff-O-Meter numerous times, but failed to complete it. Managed to get to level 9 Mind Blowing!

                            2 - Circus Voltaire - out of all the JPop’s games, i would want this one in my collection. Yes, it’s quite linear with bashing the Ringmaster over and over, though it really keeps you on your toes, with regards to reading the rebound ball bounce and quick flipper bat action needed. Yours played nice. Let me know, if my Grand Champion score of 70m is still present.

                            3 - Iron Maiden - focused on the multipliers, though only could manage to reach 300m.
                            Best Stern game IMO. Did anyone blow it up?

                            Honourable mention goes out to Cactus Canyon - those were the best shinny balls i’ve seen and condition wise, it played great.
                            Baywatch looked amazing, with the coloured powder coat and was a delight to play as well.



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                              Paul and Cathy thanks for another great meet.
                              Plenty of pins, food and friends, what more could you ask for.
                              Love your collection and I gravitated towards Spidy each time I walked back in.
                              Great to catch up with the regulars again and always good to meet the new folks.
                              I'm looking forward to the next one




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                                Gum's Pinball Meet VIC Eastern Suburbs 29th June 2019

                                Thanks Paul and Kath for another great night in the “Gumroom”.

                                Always a pleasure, plus the games held up better than last time.

                                Wish I got to play more.

                                Great food, great company, great pinball. What more could you want.

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