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Got a Virtuel Pin 4-5 months ago need software help please


Topics related to the hardware and software used in setting up a Virtual Pinball cab.

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  • Got a Virtuel Pin 4-5 months ago need software help please

    Hello gang, i am new here.
    Purchased a new Virtuel Pin 4-5 months ago from a seller that is not a sponsor here.

    Having software problems with my Vpinball. Been waiting for support from seller but really think seller does not want to be bothered, feel like i am getting the runaround sadly for me.

    I am happy to pay for services i need, (as long as its not overly pricy) PINBALL X , VISUAL PINMAME , β€˜PINUP MENU or Popper i think is the software i have. Just having probs with my DMD not showing anything also in game menu those round circles of Pinall tables you toggle, it freezez on me. Also some video's on backglass stutters, its not running smoothly.

    I live in Vic Northern Suburbs, if anyone has good knowlodge of the software and can help me, Please dont hesitate to contact me for a chat about how you can help me please.



    PS, I have Zero Knowlege about the Vpin software.

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    There is a lot to learn to set up a Virtual Pinball and unfortunately, many of the people selling cabs are only out there money grabbing and their product is sub par. I am interested to know who you purchased off, it could be a good warning to others too. Even a photo of the cabinet might help people know enough to know who to steer clear of.

    Within the VPin community, if you've looked around a little, you'll find plenty of people hate those that share packs of tables and those who build cabinets and sell them with cabinets on them. This is a whole other discussion which I'll leave out of this thread (at least for now).

    There are a lot of questions that can be asked about the software as well as the hardware. You mention stutter and not running smoothly this can be either.

    Do you know the specifications of the computer including what graphics card is has?

    There are a number of different software programs working together to make Virtual Pinball everything it is. To get things running you'll need to get a basic understanding of what each one does and learning to configure them is required.

    For starters, you mention Pinball X. This is one of the available front ends for the cabinet. A front end is nice to have and the other major players in this field are Pinball Y and Pinball Popper. For you to get everything working, don't use a front end until everything else is working.

    Since you mentioned VPinMame I'm going to assume that it is using Visual Pinball (although technically it does work with Future Pinball too). Do you know what version of Visual Pinball you're using? It's most likely Visual Pinball X, the most recent released version is 10.6 but 10.7 is getting around in beta at the moment. You need to know that Visual Pinball X is a different program to VPinMAME.

    Visual Pinball is what makes the table playable. If you are playing original games or EM games (and not using a backglass) this is the only program you need.

    If you want to have a backglass, you'll need B2S Server (for the most part but there is another option in some cases, I.E. Pinup Player)

    VPinMAME is what runs the ROM for the reproduction tables.

    There is so much to try and cover and there are guides out there already so I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Are you on Facebook at all? If so, look for the group Visual Pinball Junkies and follow their set up guide.


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      Yeah all the software is mind blowing for anyone new to virtual pin, yeah i am on facebook and joined that group. I do know alot about gaming computers but zero about vpins.
      Cpu is Ryzen 3 graphics card was nvidia gtx 1660, i took it out and put in a rtx2060, came with 8 gig ram, it now has 16 gig ram. As i thought that might fix the stuttering and some tables were graphically intense, saw the ball slighty stutter. New GPU did fix the ball stuttering on certain tables but video on backglass still doesnt run smoothly.

      Really do not wish to mention the seller at this point in time, as he might come good. I would be surprized but seller might come good.

      Yeah its hardcore software for sure, hopeing i might get someone local for tech support. Last 4 weeks all i do is see the beutiful cab and cry.

      version of Visual Pinball you're using? umm i got no idea. Yes my vpin has Visual Pinball X

      I am at a loss what to do.

      Thank you for your reply.


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        It seems that most people want to protect the sellers when they buy products that cause them issues and no support. It unfortunately happens regularly. There are some decent people out there, but there are more people just in it for the money.

        A GTX 1660 and 8GB RAM should be enough to keep you out of trouble but throwing better things at it like you have will help but isn't always the best answer.

        There are many things that need to be configured to make everything run smoothly. Follow the FAQ on that page Facebook from start to finish and be thorough don't skip steps, don't think this part doesn't apply to me. Work through the whole thing and if you still have problems, ask for help


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          just got a reply from seller, support is go funny thing is i got support right after posting this 1 day ago, seems sort of spooky πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜€


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            Originally posted by RossMsco View Post
            just got a reply from seller, support is go funny thing is i got support right after posting this 1 day ago
            Funny that.


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              Are you going to share who the seller is now? BTW I already have worked it out


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                Originally posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
                BTW I already have worked it out
                .....and so have I Maverick......sorry, I mean JAR.


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                  all my software got updated by the seller, still seem to have the same problem, narrowed down whats causing all my problems , its the DMD screen. It flickers, comes off then on for several seconds.... tested a new USB type A cable to motherboard usb 3 slot, cable is not the issue.
                  What do you guys think?
                  I am thinking my AOC Colour DMD screen is going faulty??


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                    Originally posted by RossMsco View Post
                    I am thinking my AOC Colour DMD screen is going faulty??
                    I don't know anything about those screens, but I assume the USB is only to provide power and there would be an HDMI cable for the video.
                    If that's the case, have you checked/swapped the HDMI cable?


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                      Its a AOC colour led screen usb 3 powered only. no other cables out or in, just usb to usb


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                        Yes try the hdmi cable.. I have one of these machines and the backglass glass kept flicking on and of..replaced new cable and back to brand new..
                        also just double check that they are seated promptly as we do shake the bee Jesus out of the machines especially EM tables πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ‘


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                          been waiting since easter to get this problem resovled


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                            Yep mine is a AOC as well just double check and also the one that goes into monitor


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                              hmm there is no hmdi cable conection for this AOC usb one i have


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