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  • virtual pin price

    hi im not keen on another project but would like a virtual pin .theres a small one on ebay and wondering is $800 a reasonable price to pay? i would probably eventually move it into a full size cab with larger monitors. any opinions,advice?

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    Hard to say if it's worth it in parts. No mention of any computer specs, no mention of quality of screens, no mention of controller board.


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      As per redferatu it really depends on specs. The graphics card needs to be reasonable for VPX to run decently and there is no mention at all of that. An i5 with 8 Gig of RAM rounds fine but how old? , what speed?


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        In my opinion, ugly, unfinished and no legs. I wouldn't touch it

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          If you're after some advice and unsure whether to buy a completed cab or something needing a bit of DIY then feel free to give me a call (info on my website). I can fill you in on specs, costs etc so you can weigh up your options and make an informed decision.

          Cheers, Chris


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