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Lag and Stutter Probs VPX/PinUP

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  • Lag and Stutter Probs VPX/PinUP

    Hey Guys, Am just after some ideas as to why my pincab is running like a dog. It did run ok, but not great prior to getting rid of Pinball X and going to Pinup. system specs are I5 7500 3.4g 8 gig ram, 1660Ti GTX, running in 1080 with a 3 screen setup. 1PF, 1 BG 1topper and the third for topper and DMD. Most tables run fairly smooth, but the couple that are giving me grief with popper is Indy Jones ij_l7 and POTC potc_as600. Even with pinup disabled Indy still gives me frame stutter (IJ_L7 TT&ninu) I have the latest geforce drivers and VPX and Pinup are all up to date. I have followed VP Junkies faq and Terry Red's guides in the recommended vids that they did. And it still runs like crap. Am hoping there maybe a fix as i really dont want to lose a couple of tables that you cannot download anymore. (esp GB's)

    Have tried the vsync options, exclusive full screen and turning off all candy.

    Thinking of as a last ditch effort to delete everything and start from scratch again.

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    This can be a frustrating process, especially if it's only a couple of tables that are causing grief. This can be compounded by the fact that there can be several versions of the same table out there, so IJ on my setup (which is an inferior spec to yours) runs perfectly well on moderate setting within VPX, whereas the IJ you're running is giving you issues.

    If possible, when using specific tables see if you can let us know WHO authored the table so we can ensure we're all referring to the same thing.

    Having said that, there's a few things you can look at to improve the performance of an individual table. Firstly, run the table and then hit F11 and look at what framerate you're getting. Anything less than 60 FPS is going to result in stutter and probably lag, as it's obvious the system is struggling to keep up.

    If you're getting good FPS readings then there's still a few things you can check, however I'd be starting to treat the two issues, lag and stutter, as potentially separate "problems". Lag can be caused by a PC that's not quite up to it, or your playfield monitor/TV having too many post-processing features enabled such as Noise Reduction etc. So look at your TV's menu first and turn off as all of these features and see if that clears up any of the lag.

    For stutter, go into the Video Preferences of VPX and start by turning off Brute Force 4x SSAA and replacing it with Fast FXAA, turn off all Ball Rendering options and also turn off any Ambient Occlusion options. For your PC spec that really should give you back enough performance to dry up any stuttering you may have.


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      thanks for the reply Chris, have done a bucket load of reading the over the last 24 hours and definitely something isnt right with vpx. i have tried different settings in vpx and even on low spec settings its still playing up. i have gone from a 2 screen setup, which was working flawlessly with vpx, pinball X and an LED wiz. To 3 screens, popper, LED wiz and a KL25Z pinscape (brought from you :-) ) Maybe i should just reinstall everything and see how that goes. Although reluctant to do it, as most know that its a very long process to install everything again. I will lose a couple of tables, as they arent avail anymore though, specifically GB.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Is it worth going to win 10, or should i keep win 7?


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        Got it sussed, rechecked my settings and it was the TV. i upgraded that too. but forgot to look thru the settings. fps went low 40's to 140. No i have another issue lol. the ball has extra pixels around it... More googling .


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          Yea got a Crappy Dse 40" in mine giving me the shits as well
          need a fast refresh rate screen


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