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VPGL9.1 Game 2 Diablo FINISHED

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    Got through the game twice (defeated Mal+hael) and was on the way for a third time through the acts when I hit the 2.4 billion ultradmd score overflow error otherwise known as 'kill screen'

    Didn't get any screen shot , and most of the time the DMD was off anyway. UltraDMD is borked, and sadly the guy who wrote the UDMD code seemingly doesn't want to fix it but wont release the code for anyone else to fix it either, according to Scotty wic who wrote the stranger things table and has also worked with UDMD.

    So In lieu of an actual score, I'll submit the overflow error/kill screen

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally posted by kane View Post
    Had another crashed game tonight with the 1.0.3 table. I was trying to get a screenshot after finishing it but with so much multiball I just never had a chance, and the score is rarely displayed when there is so much going on.

    It crashed right when I started Act III for the second time, get your screenshots in before then people!
    I should have taken more notice of this advice!


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