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  • Thanks all

    Just wanted to say a Big Thanks to all, I really enjoyed my first VPGL Tournament. Some tables got the bloody boiling, but I enjoyed most. It also got me playing some tables I normally wouldn't play.


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    Yeah it's great to play more and also the tables you wouldn't think of.

    Always forces me to go have some games.

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      These leagues are always fun... the more people that join in the better too. It was great to see extras (such as Wob) involved but I would love to see it grow some more.


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        Thanks Skids and JAR, Clint your spreadsheets are a welcome addition, and made looking at results really easy.

        It's been more than 4 years since VPGL1, it's awesome that these comps are still going like others have also said I seem to play my cab a lot more when there is a comp on and that's a good thing.

        New games I got into and really enjoyed this comp - Dracula, Fathom, Big Game.

        Well done to Dedrok, the Usain Bolt of virtual Pinball And the rest of the podium, JAR and Wob had some big scores too.


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          just posted in th eother thread...totally agreee on evrything said ...rock on next year...It make sme plays games even when Im stressed out in RL. I genuinely try hard to get in games at the last much fun guys...look forwar dto next year!
          Thansk to everyone that helps out and make it fun. Loved WOb with his forray into the scene.... Cant belive I just about piiped Edy in that game...paybacks for the phone I will always cheerish LOL
          Pinball Meets...I love em


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