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11 VPGL6 Game 11 Stern Nine Ball (closed)


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    Game closed, well done to the podium finishes, going to be close at the top

    1. 2,156,870 acejas 25 pts
    2. 2,015,820 Jed 20 pts
    3. 1,917,780 Kane 16 Pts

    4. 1,832,820 Rusty_dagger 13 pts
    5. 1,816,100 Skids 11 pts
    6. 1,413,240 MrBumgle 10 pts
    7. 620,830 JustAnotherRat 9 pts
    The Duke of Doonside


      I have the real version - WOW is extra ball. Get 1-9 and the wow target strobes for extra ball. Alternatively max out the multipliers and the WOW will light on one of the three bank targets at a time for extra ball. The game is a blast but VERY hard to keep the balls in play during multiball.


        Originally posted by kane View Post
        This table feels like the designer wanted to do an outer space theme, but got stuck with a billiard theme from the higher-ups.

        - - - Updated - - -

        I just had a crazy moment playing this table, the ball shot out of the table and off the screen! I mapped the path in the pic below ->

        I have been getting a lot of stuck balls in various spots on this table, I've never had one disappear off the screen though
        that's trippy, have never seen that in VP. Wonder if it only does it in the desktop version.

        this is kind of similar to what happens in Tron, when they escape the games grid on the light cycle by blowing a hole in the programmed walls. You should have tried to seek out the MCP !


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