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VPGL Tournament 15

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  • VPGL 15 - Tournament Standings

    VPGL 15 Scoreboard

    Overall VPGL 2020 Scoreboard

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    With the competition over we see Wob reclaim the top step of the overall VPGL 2020 podium for himself after winning VPGL 15 to go with his VPGL13 win and 2nd place in VPGL 14. Kane took out 2nd place for the competition and has himself position in 3rd for the year with two 3rd places and a 2nd.

    VPGL 15 saw the competition grow even more with the highest number of competitors playing in the competition. We had 18 participants this time which is great and hopefully that number will continue to grow. That gives us a total of 24 players so far this year which also means that the scoring system for the overall winner might need to be revised at the end of the year, but revision due to increased numbers is a great thing.

    Thanks to everyone that has participated so far and I hope you are enjoying the format of the competition which is meant to focus on enjoying pinball and each others company.

    Those who managed to submit scores for all games within VPGL 15 are eligible to get a 3D printed keyring. Those players are Wob (doesn't need one) , kane , JustAnotherRat , Crakkers , legin , Capp , starcommand79 , skids , MrBungle , jkp0317 as well as Jed for his long time support and previous running of the competitions. Send me a message with your address so I can arrange for you to get one.

    Note sure if this is easier or harder for people to view, but here is a screenshot of the results.
    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for another fun Competition round JustAnotherRat, I enjoyed this round much more than the last, I think I just need to limit the number of games I put on any one table or i get pinball rage

      Well done to everyone that played, awesome to see so many names in the mix now.



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        Thanks JAR and all who had a go at the comp this season. Enjoyed smashing out some tables for a couple of hours at a time, and others not so much. Already looking forward to next season. Well done Wob for the win.


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          Thanks JustAnotherRat for running another great tourney your professionalism and promotion of the comp has lead to much increased numbers playing, and that is awesome, the tourney could not be in better hands

          though i missed a few games I did enjoy the ones i played, i'm looking forward to the next one, now i have the Pinball and Arcade out of my chockas workshop and have claimed a corner of the wife's studio after a long period of negotiation.

          Well done to everyone who played and submitted scores - see you back for the next one


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            Fun stuff! After putting my cab together this was exactly the type of competition I was looking for! Looking forward to next season.. Hope it comes soon.


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              Thanks JAR for you help so far and organising these comps Elise and myself are excited to be in the next comp..


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                For those wondering, the next comp start date should be 25th September with game nominations open for (around) a week before that. That would take us up to the 22nd November for that competition and we'd get Christmas off (although we could run some kind of mini comp over the holidays if preferred).

                If everyone is super keen, I could move the start date for the next comp forward but I tend to enjoy a little break between competitions.


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                  i need to find more time and more patience to play, looking forward to the next one, thanks JAR
                  The Duke of Doonside


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                    Thanks for running this, it was a lot of fun even if I tailed off there at the end haha


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                      Agree with everyone else, appreciate the time and effort you put into holding this tourny. Its been fun trying out the different tables in a more competitive basis.


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                        Nominations for games for the next competition will open next week.

                        I am yet to send the keyrings to those that have supplied addresses... sorry, I've been slack/busy/lazy but will get them sent soon.


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                          Looking forward to starting the new comp..we’ve been thinking of what games to nominate...


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                            Is there a master list somewhere of games that have already been played in the tournaments?


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                              Originally posted by starcommand79 View Post
                              Is there a master list somewhere of games that have already been played in the tournaments?
                              Here's a list of the games played so far this year, so none of these are eligible for the next 2 tournaments.


                              Big Brave
                              The Walking Dead
                              Flash Gordon
                              Abra Ca Dabra
                              Fish Tales
                              Pro Football
                              The Who's Tommy
                              Black Pyramid


                              Centigrade 37
                              Gilligan's Island
                              Humpty Dumpty
                              Medieval Madness
                              Grand Prix
                              Indiana Jones


                              Heat Wave
                              Batman - Dark Knight
                              Jacks Open
                              Total Nuclear Annihilation
                              Aladdin's Castle
                              Space Shuttle

                              You can go back through the archives to see which games were played in previous years.


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