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    Originally posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
    I guarantee you I tilt tables with analogue nudge... and some tilt very easily. I spent a stupid amount of time trying to get my nudge realistic so small nudges are OK, larger nudges give a warning and accumulate to a tilt or a larger nudge again will tilt it straight away, but my configuration was for DMD games.

    In most cases, I can knock out a much higher score with button nudge than I can analogue. Having said that, I can't say I've tested my theory on too many EM's. I 100% agree that on tables where a lot of small nudges are needed, analogue makes it easier however on others digital nudging with buttons makes it so predictable saving balls from draining just takes some early reading of the ball.

    I built my sister a mini cab (tabletop style) a few years ago and it has buttons to nudge. I can get better scores on that than I can my cab because when the ball starts coming down if it looks like it's heading STDM or to an outlane I nudge early to ensure that it lands on a flipper. In some cases it almost feels like cheating.

    In any case, this comp is about using whatever you have to play. If it makes you want to change your set up from analogue to digital or vice versa, so be it. Do whatever makes you enjoy the experience more. I use analogue nudge because for me it makes the experience closer to the real thing and I didn't want to play real machines and try to hit the nudge button, I wanted to try to replicate what I might play in the wild. I didn't do it to make it easier, and my scores did suffer originally. I feel as a player, I have improved massively and feel that is the main reason I put up decent scores. Sometimes though, I can play a table for ages before getting the feel for it and put up a decent score. It would actually be cool to be able to see all of the score people get while playing in the VPGL, not just the ones they think are good and it would also be interesting to see how many games get restarted without being finished due to a bad ball or two. I played a lot of Medieval Madness last night and could put up a decent score (I got around 50 million a few times, I think I managed over 100 million once), but enjoyed playing the game. It is a game that I wasn't too keen on when I saw it come up for the competition as I had played it to death previously but I must have had enough time away from it as I am enjoying it and finding it challenging at the same time.
    Yeah, like i mentioned, experiences will vary. I found once i had analogue nudge, i could never tilt a table and could nudge it till the cows come home without penalty. Felt like cheating Button nudge, sometimes tables tilt very quickly. I think there's so much variance in people's setups, that it's almost impossible to compare experiences.


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      A reminder to all that this game will close this Sunday night.

      db666 and jkp0317 you have either not posted a score, so this is a "bump" to get you to, or I've missed your score in the thread in which case, yell at me and let me know.


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        What an interesting game this proved to be. Much for fun for many than what was anticipated but for others it caused rage quitting. Thanks to Wob for making the game be able to show scores into the millions on the sticky note.

        I mentioned that I liked Kane's suggestion of anyone scoring more than a million gets the 100 points so that is what I have gone with.

        So without further ado, congratulations to Crackers, not only for his first venture into the top 3 in a game this tournament but for taking out 1st place. Great effort by Capp to also be standing on the podium for this historic game narrowly beating Wob who was narrowly in front of Legin (with his best performance so far) and Kane.


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