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VPGL 14 - Game 1 ~ Centigrade 37


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    Originally posted by Goofything View Post

    Yeah, it doesn't really matter other than just another possible competitive dimension to the fun. It could probably be determined by the scores from a few games. I think looking at the results of this competition, you can see pretty clear delineations where one skill level jumps to another level.

    Loving this competition though. It's introducing me to some new games and giving me fun reasons to play "just one more game".
    It's an interesting idea - so you'd have a situation like Divisions in soccer, 1 + 2. If you consistantly performed well, you could go up a division, and visa versa. Worries about being relegated, etc

    Seeing the big scores drives you on a bit though. Most of us playing here have improved as players a lot and VPGL has been a big part of that. it's hard to believe the first VPGL was in 2013, with just a small handful of players.


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      Interesting stats i found on the pinup popper front end. I have never played Centigrade 37 before this comp. According to Pinup popper stats I have played it for 7.4 hours. It also says I played it 10 times. That must not be total games just the times I launched the game in popper.


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        Originally posted by legin View Post
        That must not be total games just the times I launched the game in popper.
        Yep... that is all the front ends can count as there is no record of how many games started within Visual Pinball. Some ROM games would have a count but no one extracts that that I know of.


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