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    The 10th Visual Pinball Gaming League has come to an end.

    Great effort by [MENTION=1870]Wob[/MENTION] to take first place in only the 2nd VPGL he has competed in and managing to take the win on 6 of the 10 tables throughout the competition.
    [MENTION=8741]Dedrok[/MENTION] finishing in 2nd place after 3 table wins
    [MENTION=2066]JustAnotherRat[/MENTION] finished in 3rd with some competitive scores throughout but not taking any table wins.
    [MENTION=5050]Jed[/MENTION] moved into 4th with a win on the final game of the competition nudging out [MENTION=171]Capp[/MENTION]

    This was, as always, a fun competition and was great throughout not only for the fun on playing (virtual) pinball but for the banter throughout.

    Thanks to everyone that posted a score throughout the compeition. It would be great if [MENTION=10906]defender1[/MENTION]980 could visit [MENTION=7493]skids[/MENTION] more often to get some more games in.
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    Has the scoring system changed ? maybe it did at some stage and i didn't notice.

    used to be this:

    1- 25
    2 - 20
    3 - 16
    4 - 13
    5 - 11
    6 - 10

    then down a point each time from 7th place.


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      No idea why it changed but it seems to have changed after VPGL6.

      VPGL7, VPGL8 & VPGL9 was on the scoring system that has been applied in VPGL10


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        Think i changed it.
        I gave

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          Ok cool.

          A couple of things about this though is first place gets a lot more points than 2nd place and that just means edy slips out of sight even more quickly 😁

          the podium place of third doesn't have much advantage over 4th just a single point.

          Not saying i want to change it just a point of view.

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            The scoring I've used, may not be the same as Skids then, I haven't looked back to confirm but I have:
            1st: 25
            2nd: 20
            3rd: 15
            4th: 10
            5th: 9
            6th: 8
            7th: 7
            8th: 6
            9th: 5
            10th: 4
            11th: 3
            12th: 2
            13th: 1

            ...and Edy still slips away quickly.

            - - - Updated - - -

            It wouldn't be too hard to work it out with different scoring methods and see what changes.


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              The Artist Formally Known As #1


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                2 weeks of play left, and i expected you to roll this ☺ so it's not able to be rolled then? I think we're in the wrong thread btw.


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                  Originally posted by Jed View Post
                  2 weeks of play left, and i expected you to roll this ☺ so it's not able to be rolled then? I think we're in the wrong thread btw.
                  The Artist Formally Known As #1


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                    At the close of Game 2 [MENTION=8741]Dedrok[/MENTION] extends his lead, [MENTION=5050]Jed[/MENTION] jumps to second place (and currently has a strangle hold on Game 3). Third place is a close one with [MENTION=171]Capp[/MENTION], [MENTION=1870]Wob[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2066]JustAnotherRat[/MENTION] all equal.

                    All places are still up for grabs this early in the competition.


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                      With a correction to the scores on Wizard, [MENTION=171]Capp[/MENTION] is outright 3rd place with [MENTION=1870]Wob[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2066]JustAnotherRat[/MENTION] sitting in equal 4th.


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                        With Indiana Jones crashing, [MENTION=8741]Dedrok[/MENTION] didn't get to dominate game 3 and instead left him in 4th place for this game however he hangs onto his 1st place overall.

                        [MENTION=1870]Wob[/MENTION] takes out game 3 and places himself in 2nd overall.

                        [MENTION=2066]JustAnotherRat[/MENTION] managed a 2nd place in the game and is trying to keep with the competition leaders sitting in 4th.

                        [MENTION=5050]Jed[/MENTION] took and early lead in game 3 and looked set to hold on but for some last day submissions bumping him to 3rd in the game and 3rd overall.

                        Who will Rule the Kingdom and take out game 4? Who will say Hasta la vista, baby on game 5? Games 4 and 5 are currently open with 5 more games to start.


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                          The Artist Formally Known As #1


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                            [MENTION=7493]skids[/MENTION].... are we getting a new game today?
                            [MENTION=1870]Wob[/MENTION] leads the progress table... but only until [MENTION=8741]Dedrok[/MENTION] launches a ball on T2.


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                              If everyone could just stop playing now


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