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VPGL6 - table nomination thread

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  • VPGL6 - table nomination thread

    Here's the table nomination thread for VPL6. ok the new guy is straight into and bringing in a slight change.

    Each player can nominate 3 tables.

    All nominations will then be pooled and one game selected at random to be played by everyone for 2 weeks(except 1&10 which will be 1 week only), with a total of 10 tables to be played, with the first and last table only going for one week.
    i.e table 1 goes for one week, table 2 goes for two weeks but both games start at the same time. and table 3 will start the second week of game 2 and so on, in other words tables will run for two weeks but will start every week, so you'll have two games to play at a time, am i confusing you?

    game 1 starts 26/6/16 ends 3/7/16 (1 week)
    game 2 starts 26/6/16 ends 10/7/16
    game 3 starts 3/7/16 ends 17/7/16
    game 4 starts 10/7/16 ends 24/7/16
    game 5 starts 17/7/16 ends 31/7/16
    game 6 starts 24/7/16 end 7/8/16
    game 7 starts 31/7/16 ends 14/8/16
    game 8 starts 7/8/16 ends 21/8/16
    game 9 starts 14/8/16 ends 28/8/16
    game 10 starts 21/8/16 ends 28/8/16 (1 week)

    maybe squeeze a 3rd round in for 2016?

    these are exempt from being nominated again, please check the list before you post your choices.

    VPL1 2013
    1 Taxi
    2 Fastdraw
    3 TAF
    4 Haunted House
    5 Joker Poker
    6 AFM
    7 Flintstones
    8 Abra Cadabra

    VPL2 2014
    1 Star Trek 25th
    2 Star Wars
    3 Jungle Queen
    4 Funhouse
    5 Ripleys
    6 LOTR
    7 Bride of Pinbot
    8 Close Encounters

    VPL3 2015
    1 Road Kings
    2 BSD
    3 Cosmic Gunfight
    4 Scared Stiff
    5 STTNG
    6 8 Ball Deluxe
    7 Medieval Madness
    8 Jacks Open

    VPL4 2015
    1 Flash Gordon
    2 Congo
    3 Cirqus Voltaire
    4 Fish Tales
    5 Big Brave
    6 Fast Break
    7 Harlem Globetrotters
    8 Junk Yard
    9 Roller Disco
    10 Ice Cold Beer

    VPL5 2016
    1 World Cup Soccer 94
    2 Roller Games
    3 Elvis
    4 Guns n Roses
    5 Trident
    6 Genie
    7 Cactus Canyon
    8 Black Knight

    VPL6 nominees so far...
    TOTAN Dedrok
    Sinbad Dedrok
    Black Knight 2000 Dedrok
    Indiana Jones (Williams) acejas
    Embryon acejas
    Sorcerer Jed
    6 MIllion Dollar Man Jed
    Black Hole Jed
    Rollercoaster Tycoon JustAnotherRat
    Who Dunnit? JustAnotherRat
    Jokerz JustAnotherRat
    Tri Zone Rusty_dagger
    Aladdins Castle Rusty_dagger
    Pinball Champ Rusty_dagger
    Alien Poker skids
    Solar Fire skids
    Nine Ball skids
    Jack•Bot Kane
    Farfalla Kane
    Black Rose Kane
    Dirty Harry Snjspiteri
    Roadshow Snjspiteri
    Xenon Snjspiteri

    just a heads up evryone - going to start tables on the Friday night, but still finish them on the Sunday, so games will run for 2 weeks + 48hrs and you'll get an extra weekend to play
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    The Duke of Doonside

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    nice one ! I like the changes. I'll get back to you with some nominations shortly..


    • #3
      I really need to play ALL of the games.

      Bring it.

      I nominate

      Black Knight 2000
      The Artist Formally Known As #1


      • #4
        Indiana Jones (Williams)
        Pinball Meets...I love em


        • #5
          6 MIllion Dollar Man

          and I'll have to think about the 3rd one for a bit longer...


          • #6
            I'll nominate the following, but if there is a problem with people being able to play them I'd like to change them so please let me know asap:

            Americas Most Haunted
            The Walking Dead


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              Originally posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
              I'll nominate the following, but if there is a problem with people being able to play them I'd like to change them so please let me know asap:

              Americas Most Haunted
              The Walking Dead
              Hmmm not so sure I would be able to play them.


              • #8
                Ok... my new nominations are:
                Rollercoaster Tycoon
                Who Dunnit?
                I'll come back with a 3rd later.

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                • #9
                  Tri Zone
                  Aladdins Castle
                  Pinball Champ


                  • #10
                    I'll make my 3rd nomination Jokerz!


                    • #11
                      i'll go with
                      Alien Poker
                      Solar Fire
                      Nine Ball
                      The Duke of Doonside


                      • #12
                        Black Rose


                        • #13
                          Some nice selections.

                          I'm having internets trouble and will have to take pics and msg them to skids or Jar.

                          Jar might have to txt me table draws too.

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                          The Artist Formally Known As #1


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                            when do nominations close,. i know [MENTION=6204]MrBungle[/MENTION] still hasn't nominated yet.. i still got to think of a third, it will be another SS tho


                            • #15
                              Think I'll leave the nominations open, so even if someone comes in mid comp they can nominate some tables.
                              The Duke of Doonside


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