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My Ultra(Budget)Pin Cabinet (lotsa pics!)

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  • My Ultra(Budget)Pin Cabinet (lotsa pics!)

    G'day Fellas,

    Most of you know me as that nong that built a PONG cab a while back.

    Well, now it's time to share another project I've been working on.

    A while ago I picked up a 38" LAI Showcase from another member and wasn't really sure what to do with it.

    I started to put it back together and bought a chassis for it. Well, 2 returns later we finally concluded that the 38" tube in the old girl was shagged

    I didn't know what to do because finding another tube sounded like too much suffering to me, so I decided to part it - literally.

    Off came the monitor mount and was shortened to become a jukebox (I'll save that for another thread) and the box that the monitor plinth sat on took a strange transformation...

    Here it is, fresh off the floor. Doesn't look too useful yet...

    Next I filled the big hole in the side with a piece I took out of the middle and then hacked the top of the cab with the circular saw like so...

    Then I hacked a big hole in the bottom to take the 24" Silicon Graphics monitor I had lying about (Yes I'm too tightassed to fit an LCD)

    Cut a hole in the end and fit an aluminium angle frame...

    For the Williams coindoor I got off ebay...

    Cut some button holes...

    Drawer knob from Bunnings makes a nice shooter...

    Now a test run with the PC - now it's starting to look like a pin! well kinda anyway...

    Scored some legs from a member here (cheers mate!)

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    not a fan of virtual pinball, but that looks like a great effort so far! Ty for sharing!


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      Sorry - I forgot to take pics of the headbox durinr construction but you'll get the idea here:

      PC is stripped of it's dignity and motherboard is mounted to the back of the backbox:

      It folds down for oh-so-easy servicing... Latches are from bunnings, hinge was from the 38"s coin door

      Backbox 17" LCD monitor mount was made from some scrap steel from the Showcase welded to a hacked bracket from the monitor's stand:

      Now that everything was coming together, time for paint!!! The cab was stripped, bogged, sanded and primed...

      Fast forward... Now it's black! and REALLY looking like a pin!

      PC guts


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        Interesting concept.

        Good job so far.

        What's the cabinet artwork gonna be ... Any hints ?


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          Head folded down - how easy is that??

          IPAC and other wiring up front...

          Shooter switch...


          Then I cut and fitted the old acrylic glass from the Showcase to the playfield and finished it off with some aluminium side rails and lockdown bar.

          Now all that's needed is to laser cut the backglass and fit the speakers... more to come....

          For all who's interested, I'm running Visual Pinball 6.1 (the last one that supported vertical mode (before version 9).

          I have over 50 tables for it now and adding more all the time.

          Originally posted by Extra Ball View Post
          not a fan of virtual pinball, but that looks like a great effort so far! Ty for sharing!
          Yeah it doesn't beat the real thing by a long shot, but to be honest, I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a real pinny - I'd give my leftie for a Flash Gordon...


          Here's the tilt/nudge mechanism as promised.
          It's made of a piece of aluminium angle, with both ends folded up. The balls sit in a shallow hole to keep them in one spot.
          There's an insulated adjustable bolt which makes contact with the ball when it is nudged.

          Laser-cut acrylic guidessurround the ball and force it to only move in one direction.
          There's one for nudge left, right and forward (currently not used as I'm a pinball newbie and don't use it).

          This method works, but it does have flaws with false triggering. What I need to do is add a small circuit with a microcontroller which detects a sensor triggering and disables all the other sensors for a short time. That was I can adjust the sensors much more sensitively and have a better overall effect.

          It's too damn hot to go to the shed and solder, so that will have to wait.

          Here it is in place with left and right sensors fitted.


          I managed to laser cut some 3mm acrylic yesterday. It's still got thte brown protective paper on it but you get the idea.

          Behind the flaming ball there will be some translucent white plastic which will add as a backlight (red no less) to light her up!

          Speakers will be fitted behind the grilles (duh).

          More to come...

          PS - I forgot to add before - for high res photos of all this, visit my Flickr account HERE
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            Heyyy cool. I like it. I'm very interested in virtual pinball systems. Will you have some kind of motion sensors to detect tilt? Someone has done that, but I'm damed if I can find it again. What pinball games do you think are the best? I have some that I've modded with my preferred music - these will run in my cab when it's done - happy to share how to mod.



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              that's looking good mate. Is the door knob going to be used to launch the ball in visual pinball? if so how are you interfacing that wiht visual pinball as normally it's just a micrpswitch on cabs?


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                Very resourceful!

                Top looks great!


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                  Originally posted by CruiserMan View Post
                  Interesting concept.

                  Good job so far.

                  What's the cabinet artwork gonna be ... Any hints ?
                  Cheers, not 100% sure yet - that's low on the priority list at the mo.

                  I'll get some adhesive vinyl printed at work eventually...


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                    Brilliant, I love it! Is it possible to make one 'proper' pinball machine size, by using a large lcd or similar?


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                      I'm detecting nudges/tilt with a couple of real pinballs - I'll post pics later.
                      It's not perfect but I will design a little circuit to fix the 'bugs'

                      Stay tuned!

                      I love the 80s SS pins - I've got a heap on here now.

                      I'm loving FATHOM right now - man that table rocks!!!


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                        Nice work - will be most interested in seeing the end result!


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                          Now I have seen more photos I like this even more. Top work by anyones standards I reckon. Whats the BG look like?


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                            Real nice work mate. Very tidy looking unit


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                              Check out THIS PAGE

                              These Spanish guys developed the front end UltraVP (a home-made UltraPin).

                              This forum has a huge collection of resources - theres a thread HERE to download modded tables for dual screen/vertical mode.

                              THIS THREAD is HUGE but goes right through the development.

                              THIS THREAD highlights milestones in the above thread...


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