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Pinscape not working on Windows10


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  • Pinscape not working on Windows10

    Hi all,

    I am wondering if anyone had this problem? I bought this off OzStick with the plunger ages ago, maybe 5 years. I did the update on a windows 7 computer as the states but still no dice. It is working fine in windows 7 laptop fine. I will try flash it with the new firmware again, but I don't think I messed it up as everything took and I am use to playing with esps, micros and that, so this isn't foreign.

    Thanks for any help, I'd rather stick with 10 then go back to 7.

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    I have asked mjr on vpforums, if I get an answer I'll let you all know here. But at this stage it would have been quicker reinstalling windows 7


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      so you have the update working I take it? BUT not working in Win10? I have mine working in 10
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        I followed the guide a couple of times.

        The update appears to take but still not working on 10. I get the yellow flash every three seconds, which I think is failing to boot?

        I am doing something wrong, but nothing I can work out without assistance. Or there is some problem that is uncommon. Or step that is uncommon.


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          Using USB2 from back of motherboard? Cant remember off the top of my head but there were some issues - MB chipset, cable issues WIn10 issues - run as admin when testing? What version of Win and edition?
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            I was hoping this might be the case, I'll try a different cable and usb ports. See if that changes anything. Cheers acejas


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