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Zebsboard Problems... where to from here?


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  • Zebsboard Problems... where to from here?

    The controller in my cab is a Zebsboard that I bought from OzStick (actually the second one I've bought from him) back in 2016.

    I've got a couple of issues with it and am wondering if there is a firmware that I can upgrade to possible or if others no of a fix. I have had a Google and searched the Zebsboards site but without success (actually the best thing I can find is on VP Forums where I asked pretty much one of the same questions when I had an issue on a previous cab).

    So the problems are:
    1. Left or right nudges, cause the ball to move the the left. At first I thought the problem was that the nudging was inverted but realised that it's not, it just nudges the same way whether I nudge left or right.

    2. The accelerometer seems to virtually tilt. During games, the ball will seem fine to start with but as I play it's as if the ball gets heavier or probably more like the play field gets tilted more so the ball drops faster (or sometimes down and to the right), almost as if someone stands behind the cab and lifts it. If I disconnect the USB and reconnect it, it settles and plays fine again but will play up again as I go.

    Should I rip the Zebsboard out, throw it over my should and replace it with a KL25Z/Pinscape controller or is there a fix for the Zebsboard?

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    I reckon Pinscape controller if you cant fix...keep the Zebsboard just in case it can be updated.
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      Originally posted by acejas View Post
      I reckon Pinscape controller if you cant fix...keep the Zebsboard just in case it can be updated.
      That's pretty much what I'm thinking.


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        I ended up dropping the Zebsboard because of continuing issues. Swapping over to the Pinscape based encoder and plunger not only provided me with a far more reliable and feature-rich product, but it also allowed me to offer it at a far cheaper price!

        Give me a yell and I'll see what I can do about setting you up with an encoder to replace your problematic Zebsthing.......


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