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can i add games to this virtual pinball

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  • can i add games to this virtual pinball

    hey guys
    bought this brand new locally
    a china special apparently lol
    has 1080 games does anyone know about these machines?
    can i add tables to it?
    i know where to source them just need to know if its possible

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    That front end looks like PinballX:

    As long as the machine is a PC and not embedded then yes you can add games to it.

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      boots up to pinball x from when its switched on
      been told on another forum that i can just plug in a keyboard and press esc and go from there
      as a chinese setup windows might be in chinese lol
      and yeah its a pc running windows 7


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        How much you pay
        been told there a arm based and locked tight


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          From what I've heard, in most cases these locked down. The way to add new tables to it is to replace the computer with a better one and start from scratch.

          Unfortunately, I have also heard that the screens often have a lot of lag so a decent PC may not fix that for you. I'd like to hear how you go.


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            locked cant do anything to it
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              Looks like the ones that Cue Power flogs, so they can probably give you an answer. But a really question that should've been asked before you put down money 🤔


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                As others have said, typically the PCs in these cabs are locked down, encrypted or whatever so you can't alter anything. Some are so bad that they don't even give you keys to get into the cabinet itself! You won't know until you plug in a keyboard and hit Alt-F4 a couple of times to see whether you can access the Windows desktop and view/edit files. Just be wary that even if you CAN add tables, the PC is almost certainly not powerful enough to run Visual Pinball 10 so you are missing out on the best tables that are out there.

                They do appear to be put together quite well now, as opposed to the earlier ones which were utterly cheap and nasty, however there are still far better alternatives out there.

                It greatly concerns me that people are still drawn to these things due to the quantity of tables that they run, rather than concentrating on the QUALITY of those tables, as well as the features included in the cabinet.......


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                  Where did you buy it?


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