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    I joined the group because i'm wheelchair bound and it's super complicated for me to go back and forth trying to find roms, b2s, and vpx files. I had a family member assist me with building a mini cabinet on legs that had the perfect height and space to slide my wheelchair in. I saw a sticky here that attracted me to the page. Someone was nice enough to share 419 2 screen package of games. Which extremely helps me out.

    Since most games to this date and time of 2020 have been converted to VPX. Does anyone have a package to share. I understand the time and commitment you all spent finding everything as I started myself and took 8 hours to get 15 games up and running. It may be faster for most as I am not able to move back and forth so easily.

    I run simple 2 screen with no external DMD if that helps any.

    I would not mind to donate for someone else's time at all. I am sorry if this post may offend some of you hard workers. I hope this post does not offend some in a manner.
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    Welcome to the site


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      Welcome to AA enjoy the site


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        Hi Ghackt ,

        I'd be happy to remote access into your Pinball PC (assuming it can be hooked up to the 'net) and run through a few things with you if you like.

        As you no doubt appreciate there is a LOT involved in getting things up and running successfully but at the end of the day you're best to DIY as much as possible, so that way you know how everything hangs together. The world of Virtual Pinball is evolving all the time and most of us that have been in it for a while just accept that a fair portion of your time with it is spent doing updates.

        What I would do is show you a few shortcuts to help make updating a bit quicker and "less painful" as well as direct you toward the best resources for downloading all the files etc you'd need. After all that if you think I'm worth of a reward via Paypal or the like then that's up to you

        From there, even if you were to start from scratch and just chip away at it by adding just a few tables at a time, you'd be up to 100+ tables before you know it.

        Feel free to drop me a PM here, or look me up via my website at

        Cheers, Chris


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          Welcome newbie!
          OzStick Chris you are such a legend mate


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            Welcome mate!
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