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ID4 coin switches fire whole row

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  • ID4 coin switches fire whole row

    This got me really confused.

    Everything looked fine but every coin chute switch would fire its entire row on the switch matrix. These were rows 4, 5 & 6.

    Disconnected the coin door loom and and manually jumped the connector with a wire to emulate a switch closure of one of the coin chutes. No problem.

    So it's in the door. Where?

    Disconnected all the wires coin chutes and manually connected to each other. Same thing.

    Looks like it it might have something to do with the ground. Removed each ground from each chute. The second chute,s ground disconnect stopped the problem. So why?

    Found it. A wire was pinched to ground. The common to all those switches. Isolated and now working.

    Weird but fixed

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