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    Hi guys,
    Wondering if anyone can help me with any Freddy info? Never played one or seen one up close before this. I have been repairing one without a manual and have not really had my head under any Gottlieb other than a EM before. I replaced burnt out 89's in the Freddy head with 67's so I am assuming they are flashers, they are locked on caused excessive heat and smoke (which is a nice effect can I say). So... are they meant to flash? Also is a ball trough problem with balls spitting out mid game which has only occurred since reglobing etc. I have heard they can get weird switch matrix hassles which can be hard to get your head around. I think it's time the owner tracked down a manual but any info on the head operation would be appreciated.
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    They are meant to flash. The flashes from memory flash in time with a flasher in the headbox. Looks like a transistor is locked on.


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