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lotr pinball balrog fault (fixed)

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  • lotr pinball balrog fault (fixed)

    thought i'd post this even though i already fixed it...

    a couple of weeks ago the balrog in the lotr pin at work started moving erratically, it'd move out ok but on the way back it'd switch direction all the time. eventually it just gave up on reversing the motor to return the balrog and just continuously tried to drive it out.

    i thought i't would be home switches or something.. but after tracing the motor wires back a bit they came to a pcb with a relay on it (i was expecting something along those lines) which is used to reverse the motor.. all it was was dry joints.

    it was interesting though cos the dry joints were on the coil side of the relay where theres not much power running through.. do newer stern pinballs often have problems with dry joints like this?
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    Every game that i have come across has had dry joints, due to the high operating temperatures and constant hammering and vibrations, they are a fact of life in Arcade games no escaping them.
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