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Cirqus Voltaire - Bally

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  • Cirqus Voltaire - Bally

    Title : Cirqus Voltaire
    Manufacturer : Bally
    Year : 1997


    Quote from Tony at The Pinball Shed :

    Interesting fault in this game today. Ringmaster not working. No 12v at the small motor driver board under playfield. This 12v comes from the flasher lamp circuit.
    Checked the flasher fuse, found blown, replaced it, removed connector under playfield on motor board, turned game back on, fuse blew again. Removed both flasher lamp connectors on the power driver board, replaced fuse again and turned game back on, fuse held, slowly put one flasher connector back on, all ok, slowly touched the other flasher connector to the driver board, saw a spark on pin 2, pulled back off. I then checked the flasher running off that pin, located at the right rear of the game, removed the plastic to inspect, found that the previous owner when shopping this game, had placed the wires on top of the metal guide rail and then tightned down the plastic, causing the wire to rub into the steel frame, causing a dead short. This also took out the tip 102 which runs this flasher, tip replaced. Game turned back on and the ringmaster is now working again. I wonder how many guys over the years had purchased the ringmaster motor thinking that it was dead only to find out it was ok and that the flasher fuse was blown.
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