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  • Theatre of Magic - Bally

    Title : Theatre Of Magic
    Manufacturer : Bally
    Year : 1995


    Quotes from Tony at The Pinball Shed :

    1. Theatre of Magic eddy switches. They use these ball detector type switches at the entry point at front of the trunk . To test that they are working correctly, put in switch test, grab a ball and move the ball over the playfield in those areas, it will register on the screen in the test chart. If not working these must be adjusted underneath the playfield, there is a small circuit board with a led light, you need to turn the adjuster screw with a small screw driver till the red light comes on and then back it back a fraction till the light goes off.
    Its common for these to go out of adjustment but they are easily adjusted.

    2. Where the balls are locked in Theatre to the right of the trunk underneath, these rollover type switches generally needed to be adjusted in several games.

    3. Also another game that seems to be hard on the pop bumpers, check the yokes and don't forget the rod and rings.

    Worked on 2 of these today, it was the second time that I have found this problem. The coiled wire harness that fits up inside the truck was severed.
    There are 4 wires involved, 2 for the trunk magnet that picks up the ball before dropping it into the locks and the other 2 wires are for the single lamp inside the trunk. Not sure how this would happen, both times they were severed right at the entrance point, a prick of a job rejoining the wires, the whole opto assembly has to be removed.
    Another very common fault here is the black plastic opto interrupter that sits under the trunk, this is prone to cracking apart. Easy enough to replace.
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    I suppose then that this would apply also to the magnets on the outlanes.. Eddy switches that is..

    Great tip.. I'll be adjusting soon..


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