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  • Roadshow - Williams

    Title : Roadshow ( official name - Red and Ted's Roadshow)
    Manufacturer : Williams
    Year : 1994


    Quotes from Tony at The Pinball Shed :

    Roadshow .Most common faults are inside the heads, there are very small plungers that operate the eyes and lids, they are most times snapped in half. The plastic cogs that drive the jaws are also prone to losing teeth casing the cogs to jam.

    Roadshow eddy switches. They use these ball detector type switches at the bulldozer blade in Roadshow. To test that they are working correctly, put in switch test, grab a ball and move the ball over the playfield in those areas, it will register on the screen in the test chart. If not working these must be adjusted underneath the playfield, there is a small circuit board with a led light, you need to turn the adjuster screw with a small screw driver till the red light comes on and then back it back a fraction till the light goes off. Its common for these to go out of adjustment but they are easily adjusted.
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    Thankyou for the info...just fixed my opto's that sensor the ball hitting Ted's bulldozer..easy fix in the end. I thought it was going to be something more serious.



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