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Star Wars - Data East

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  • Star Wars - Data East

    Title : Star Wars
    Manufacturer : Data East
    Year : 1992


    Things to look for if looking at buying one:

    - Wear around the 2 scoop holes (The Force hole on the left and the Sarlaac hole on the right) . Cliffy protectors are available .
    - There are 3 motors that should be checked ( 1. Makes R2-D2 head rotate . 2 . Makes the Death Star rotate . 3. Makes the Death Star entrance target go up/down ) .. These can be easily replaced but they are a bit pricey .
    - The 5 X-Wing stand-up targets can get damaged easily . They should be the wide 3-D type target (quite hard to find for sale) . Will work with different targets but a bonus if they are original .
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