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More TZ help would be greatley appreciated

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  • More TZ help would be greatley appreciated

    i recently posted a thread asking for help with my new TZ. thanks to some great guys off the forum most of the problems are gone, but one remains and new ones arose. so here it goes.

    motor on the clock works fine but the optos do not register at all as if its not even plugged in. the board inside it is new so its not that.

    all other optos in machine work fine.

    also last time i played it i got a EOS switch error in test mode for every flipper? the right flipper is also pretty weak and if the ball is coming down the playfield and you hold the flipper up and the ball bounces off the tip of it, it will make the flipper either go back down a bit or completely release.

    link broke on left slingshot plunger but im guessing thats not too hard to replace?

    thanks in advance and ill post more as they come. happy pinballing!

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    EOS switches are daisy chained. If the supply wire has become loose it will effect all switches downstream. The clock optos are run from the Aux driver board and are shown as column 9 in the manual. There is a data ribbon cable that plugs into the CPU board from the Aux driver board. This is often loose or unplugged. Weak flippers in electronic flipper Pinballs are almost always mechanical problems. Coil sleeve, backstop, bushing, flipper link plunger. Because the EOS switches are not working the game does not know that the flipper has been pushed down from its activated position. No, the slingshot link is not hard to replace.


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      thanks so much ill try all these things next time sounds like great advice! ive ordered a flipper rebuild kit so ill probably replace the existing mecahnics with that. thanks again.


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        great to hear most of the issues are fixed now.

        Like PP said hopefully the clock optos cable is a loose or may just need to be reseated.


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